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July 2021

True freedom really does come with our wonderful Twelve-Step Programme of recovery.

Dear Reader

True freedom really does come with our wonderful Twelve-Step Programme of recovery. Here we are in July and our focus this month is on Step Seven - finding a genuine reliance in our own Higher Power by humbly asking for our shortcomings to be removed. This Programme allows me the freedom of looking deep within myself, with neither shame nor guilt, and truly acknowledging what will no longer serve me if I wish to live a compassionate and caring life. The Step Seven prayer reminds me that I’m asking for removal of that “…which stands in the way of my usefulness to You and my fellows.” (BB p.76) right now, not yesterday or tomorrow. The realisation that this is not something to be done once, or even once daily, but constantly throughout my day, took time to sink in.  Finding acceptance around the fact that many of these shortcomings will arise again and again, and willingness to keep letting go and asking for their removal, without berating myself for being human, is part of this journey through life.

Hopefully, we are now enjoying far more physical freedom than has been possible for many over these last months. More meetings are reopening with Fellows once again enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company with lots of catching up. I know I am truly grateful to those venues who support our Fellowship and continue to do so by providing safe and Covid-19 secure environments for our meetings.

These are interesting times for our Fellowship. Having embraced the use of video-conferencing - for many a life-saver during these long months of lockdown - it can be seen that there is a continuing place for online meetings within our Fellowship whether it be for daily meetings or in the wider AA community. Once again, AA (that means you) has stepped up to the mark, embraced challenge and found a way forward that will continue to ensure we can all find true freedom.

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