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January 2022

Read the January 2022 issue of Share magazine here.

Dear Reader

It’s January and I wish you all a hopeful and peaceful New Year.  That’s what I got at my very first meeting - HOPE.  Even when times felt challenging and the steps ahead felt very steep, I never lost hope. By embracing Step One, ‘throwing in the towel’ and committing to the AA Programme of Recovery, a whole new life opens up – a life worth living. As I’ve continued my spiritual journey of recovery, I find the more action I put in, the more peace and serenity I have.

During this, our 75th Anniversary Year of AA in the UK, I’m sure many of you are becoming even more involved in raising awareness of how much support there is within our Fellowship for alcoholics with a desire to stop drinking. All those, inside and outside the Fellowship, who wish to find recovery from what is a vicious and deadly disease will find empathy, tolerance and a lack of judgement within the Rooms of AA.  As this is also a year of celebration for SHARE – 50 years in its current form – we would like to present a special issue later in the year, sharing the Experience, Strength and Hope of Fellows with more than 25 years of continuous sobriety.  

As we move into this New Year, it’s worth remembering that, while it is wonderful to celebrate all that has gone before and to look at how best to support what is yet to come, the AA Programme of Recovery is about living sober today. Each day lived without alcohol is a day of celebration, of joy, of hope – a life worth living.


Share Magazine January 2022

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