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Editorial February 2020

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Dear Reader

Our Fellowship, our Programme of recovery is all about finding, getting a belief, an acknowledgement, an acceptance that there is a power greater than ourselves that has more power than alcohol.

Some of us find this in our first meeting, for others it can take longer. We can choose our own conception of this power as Ebby T. suggested to Bill W. (BB p.12) But, many things can get in the way of the alcoholic who wants sobriety, arrogance, denial, ego, fear, closed mind, unwillingness, dishonesty, the list goes on and on.

But in AA we are guided to a starting point, the first Step. Admitting we are powerless, the game is up, we can't do this anymore. But then comes the fear and bewilderment. How do I live in this world without a drink? Often when an alcoholic puts down the drink they begin to experience and realise the problems that they really do have.

Some of us willingly accepted this belief in a power greater than ourselves, that this is the key that can help us, support us, keeps us safe. Others of us take more convincing, but John Barleycorn himself is often our best advocate. Every time we pick up it gets worse and we see those who are in recovery, who now have a life and we dare to think, "Can I be like them?" The answer is, yes you can if you follow these simple Steps.

On another note, we often receive articles signed off as 'Anonymous.' On occasion it is probably prudent to use 'Anonymous' due to the content of the article. Personally I prefer and would encourage Authors to use their name or the area where they live as it helps me identify with a real person.

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