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Editorial February 2018

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HELLO AND WELCOME to this month's edition of SHARE, dear reader. Yes, I know, the front cover looks as if you might have picked up a leaflet extolling the virtues of not smoking but fear not, you are in the right place. This month we are on Step and Tradition Two and once again we have a wealth of fabulous articles for you to enjoy, full of your own experience, strength and hope. We also have some more pearls in the Speakers' Corner and ID Parade columns too. It's all great stuff, I can assure you.

It will not have escaped your notice that we have another 'creative' photograph on this month's cover. Yes, I know, after last month's rusty wheel you would have thought I might have made more of an effort to sell our magazine with a spiffing landscape or some meaningful vista. But no, here we are with a receptacle for fag ends. Nice. Actually, the photo came in from a reader after an appeal for quirky photos from me. I have had it for a while and I love it. I love it because it is simple and it tells a story.

As always, the photo inspired this month's title and overall theme to SHARE. I had toyed with titles such as Stubbing It Out and The Fag Ends of Old Lives but I wasn't convinced. Not at all, in fact. And then it occurred to me at this time of year, smokers at meetings are out in the cold. And? What's your point, Editor?

Well, for me at least, when I finally came to realize that my Higher Power was capable of restoring me to sanity, I saw that it was, indeed, a lot warmer inside than outside the Programme.

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