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December 2021

Share Magazine December 2021

Share Editorial December 2021

Dear Reader

Welcome to our December edition. ‘Trudging the Road’ is our theme for this month. For me this is all about continuing to work our Twelve Steps each and every day. As I trudge, I will no doubt arrive at difficult and testing times. But as long as I keep trudging, I know I will be ok. As I trudge this Road of Happy Destiny, I will also experience wonderful things and I will meet lovely people if my eyes and my mind remain open. But for me they only remain open if I continue to practice these principles in all my affairs, keep sober a day at a time and stay within my Fellowship.

In December, thoughts turn to Step Twelve and we have articles on this and helpful articles on staying sober over the Christmas period. By the time I had worked, a lot of work but so worth it, through those Steps to get to Step Twelve, the words Spiritual Awakening were starting to become an experience for me, a gift as a result of working these Steps. Eventually this gave me the most amazing day when the desire to drink was no longer there. Very strange at first but fabulous too.

This is the last Editorial that I will be writing as I rotate out of SHARE service in December. For me it has been a wonderful experience being a part of the SHARE team as a Reader and as the Editor. As you read this perhaps you might consider doing some SHARE service yourself, just a suggestion! My grateful thanks to the support from all involved in our beloved magazine; the article writers, cartoonists, photographers, the staff at GSO, the SHARE committee of Readers and Editors and our very supportive Board Trustee. It’s been a blast!

A sober Christmas and New Year

CHRISTMAS is just another day. Like every other day I must not pick up a drink - one day at a time.

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Silly Season Survival

GOD willing, this should be my 15th sober Christmas. The last drinking one I will never forget.

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A spiritual awakening

ADDICTION starts with pain and ends with pain - this is something I have reflected on during my first year of sobriety.

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A clean slate

Having gained an amazing freedom from making amends in Step Nine, clearing away the wreckage of my past, I now embraced my new found life with a clean slate.

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