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Editorial August 2020

Dear Reader

WELCOME to our August edition.

Working through our Programme of recovery we have reached Step Eight and having worked at the previous seven Steps we may now have the courage to start writing that list helped by looking back at our Step Four. “Now we go out to our fellows and repair the damage done in the past.” (BB p.76) This is totally different to the times in the past when we may have said, so many times, “Sorry” only to repeat our insane behaviour the very next day. We are embarking on the job of keeping our side of the street clean which will be a lifetime’s work. But in doing this work we will have the support and guidance of our Fellows, sponsor and our HP. We are no longer alone.

Online AA meetings have taken off since the lockdown in March. There have been online meetings for some time especially in Europe, but the Fellowship has grabbed hold of this new communication tool and now we can visit meetings all over the country and around the world. Groups are holding workshops to share best practice on making the most of this online tool and I have been amazed and delighted at the resourcefulness of AA members using this new technology and for encouraging members who are unfamiliar with online and quite untech to have a go and join in.

June 2022 will see the Fellowship celebrating 75 years of AA in the UK with an AA convention in Leeds. As part of this planned celebration our Regions have been helping to gather their own history. This is to be printed in a booklet to be given to each delegate attending the convention. Full details are available on the convention’s website – https://www.aa75.co.uk/

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Would Injure Them Or Others

In 1973 I attempted to murder my then wife (the mother of my two daughters) with a loaded sawn-off shotgun and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

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