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September 2023

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Thank you to everyone who has submitted articles in the last few monthse. We have had a fabulous flurry of words from you which enables us to keep producing a packed magazine of fresh articles. If we have any keen artists or cartoonists out there, please get in touch as we would love to introduce some new cartoons to Roundabout too. 

This month some of our content focuses on Steps Eight and Nine. I always remember the sound advice, “The Steps are in order for a reason.” Seeing early on that I was supposed to make a list of all the people I had harmed AND then make amends to them filled me with dread! But Alcoholics Anonymous is to be trusted and there is a Programme for a reason, with seven other Steps in front of my dreaded number eight. By the time I reached it, I was ready and able. Let’s not forget that Step Eight is only asking us to make the list too - another lesson of keeping it in the day and not jumping too far ahead. 

The Steps taught me to pay attention to the task in hand and not let myself misinterpret (a character defect). Similar to Step Eight - which only asked me to make the list - Step Nine asks me to make amends to them where possible, but does not say “immediately” or “within the month”. Just like AA is a Programme for the rest of my life, my list of amends is there with me for as long as I need to get them done and inevitably add more along the way! 
Hopefully you enjoy our latest issue - do let us know the stories you identify with. 

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org 

Remaining 2023 Themes: 
October - Came to Believe 
November - Steps 10, 11 and

Roundabout Magazine September 2023


1 Preamble 
2 Subcommittee Noticeboard 
3 Editorial 
4 Sobriety In Another Language 
5 Experience, Then Hope 
6 AA One Liners 
Thank You 
7 I Was Dying From Alcohol 
8 2024 Fellowship Diaries And Calendars 
9 Restitution 
10 Are You Willing To Be The Hand Of AA? 
i Conventions And Gatherings 
ii-iv Group Information 
13 The Roundabout Interview 
16 Doing A Serenity Prayer 
17 Out And About 
18 Extracts From AA Literature 
20 AA History Corner 
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24 The Twelve Concepts Of World Service 
25 The Twelve Traditions

Experience, Then Hope

'I can now be there for my family. Being needed, wanted and loved is something l never thought l would get."

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The Roundabout Interview

Many thanks to Nicky G, Inverness Steps and Traditions Group, Sunday.

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