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Editorial October 2017

Reminders of our wild and destructive days in active alcoholism are all around us every day and everywhere. Each day, as we go about our business as responsible citizens, we can see and hear little things that remind us of how bad things used to be or how good things are today. Such identification is an integral part of our recovery.

This month brings Hallowe'en and who among us could fail to get identification from that bedlam. Whether you're old enough to recall our traditional Hallowe'en antics of 'guising' or brought up with the Americanised 'trick or treat' high jinks, there's plenty to remind us of our dark days.

Children mostly, but adults too, will assume a false identity for an evening and spend their time flitting from place to place extorting 'goodies', often with the threat of some prank being committed if nothing is forthcoming.

In our drinking days we were always on the prowl, sponging drink from any person or source and creating grief for others in the process. We frequently assumed false personas and several a day or night at that. We were a different person with a different story for everyone we met. Those closest to us, the ones we hurt most in our relentless quest for more and more and more drink, often hadn't a clue who or what we were going to be at any given time. Neither did we! They were the ones that suffered most when we didn't get what we were after. It was Hallowe'en every day and night of the year when we were drinking.

Thankfully, Alcoholics Anonymous restored us to sobriety and sanity. Today we are sober, happy and contented in our own skin and those dearest to us live a life free of impending doom. Hallowe'en is immediately followed by All Saints Day but perhaps that's stretching the analogy a bit too far!


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