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November 2023

Read more about what's in our latest issue of Roundabout.

November 2023 Editorial
As our article on page eight suggests, Steps Ten through to Twelve are known as the Maintenance Steps and help to keep us 
sober. They build on the strong foundations we have been required to build through the other Steps in our Programme. Our articles in this issue discuss topics such as how we maintain our sobriety; ego; loneliness and more. Thank you as always for the articles we have received and although we cannot let you know individually when and if your article will feature, hopefully you enjoy finding your articles within the pages of Roundabout.

When I first came into AA, I heard one of our local members talk about how he could go to bed at night and run through his day, feel grateful and importantly be grateful to wake up the next day. That seemed like the thing of dreams to me - but over the years I have developed my own routine for taking inventory at night, I can ‘note’ if I need to make amends on something the next day and I can fall asleep with a clear conscience. Even more importantly, I am really pleased to wake up in the morning.

I know we mention it a lot, but if you are looking to develop your service experience, we are looking for Proofreaders and also an Assistant Editor for Roundabout. If you would like to find out more about the roles please get in touch and one of us would be more than happy to have a chat and see if it might be suitable for you to join the team.

Cath W
Editor, roundabout@aamail.org

1    Preamble
2    Subcommittee Noticeboard
3    Editorial
4    Dear Alcohol
6    AA One Liners
7    My Ego
8    The Maintenance Steps
9    2024 Fellowship Diaries And Calendars
10    My 10 Point Plan For Staying Sober
12    The Magnificent Obsession
i    Conventions And Gatherings
ii-iv    Group Information
13    The Roundabout Interview
15     Scottish National Convention
16    A Lonely Illness
17    Nae Bosses In AA
18    Extracts From AA Literature
20    AA History Corner
23    Subscribe
24    The Twelve Concepts Of World Service
25    The Twelve Traditions

Roundabout November 2023

Dear Alcohol

The more I think about it now, the more I realise that we were always destined to be together.

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My ego

My ego is bigger than the universe - or wants to be anyway.

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