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Editorial November 2018

On behalf of the Roundabout Subcommittee, all of our subscribers and readers I would like to thank our outgoing Editor, for the great job he has done over the past four years, providing us with our monthly meeting in print. His commitment to Roundabout is a great example and he assures us it has enhanced his own personal sobriety. That's what service does. It starts when we come to AA and join a group, welcoming visitors, emptying ashtrays, (back in the day), making tea, putting out seats and helping with the multitude of tasks that allow us to keep our meeting going. If you are anything like me, this is all done with an attitude that's less than charitable, though with my AA face you would never have known. Recovery and fellowship have helped to mellow my attitude and give me understanding that it's a privilege that our Fellowship trusts me to do service. Without having service as a part of our sobriety we may stay sober but we will not experience the freedom from the bondage of self. It's just a simple truth.

  • Contents

    2. Sub-Committee Notice Board

    3. Editorial

    4. Would The Real Gail Please Stand Up

    5. I Tried It My Way

    7. From Shetland To Alicante

    8. Acceptance Is The Key

    9. Finding My Higher Power In The Unlikeliest Of Places

    10. Gratitude For Sobriety

    i-iv. Group Changes, Diary & Service Pages

    13. The Roundabout Interview

    16. Reflections On My Recovery

    18. Truly Grateful

    19. Belonging

    20. Reflections

    21. That Was The Week That Was

    23. Roundabout Subscription Form

Truly Grateful

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Finding My Higher Power

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