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This month, after receiving a number of articles centred around the home group we decided to devote the whole magazine to this theme. After all, that is 'where it all begins' for us in AA.

I have the fondest memories of my first home group. The first time I attended was to assess whether this particular group of alkies were 'hardcore' enough for me! Instead, I was undone by the kindness of one of the women who slipped her phone number into my hand and quietly said she could give me a lift the next week, if I wanted. I took that number, used it and became a group member the very next week.

A couple of years later when severe snow made the roads unusable, it was with her and another group member that I trudged the two miles, laughing and joking, to get our meeting open. I found my first sponsor in my home group. She calmly and quietly guided me for the next nine years as I first railed against the world before learning to live in it. Finally, it was in my home group that I was introduced to service and began doing for others what had been done for me.

Within Roundabout this month you'll find an extract from The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA and two articles, over 30 years apart, writing about understanding Tradition Two by having regular group conscience meetings. Next, a letter from a current AA member asks us to reflect on the dues and fees collected at group level whilst someone else shares about the importance of having an address in AA.



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3 Editorial

4 Why Have a Home Group?

5 Gro up In A Group

6 The Benefits Of Being In A Group

7 What's Your Address?

8 Is a Pound Enough?

10 Changed Days

i-iv Diary And Service Pages - March 2020

13 The Roundabout Interview

16 I Joined A Group

17 Welcome Home

19 Doing Service The AA Way

20 For Those With Fankles

21 That Was The Week That Was

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Changed Days

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What's Your Address ?

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