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July 2023


As summer arrives, our June issue features articles and extracts on ‘Living Sober’ as well as our members’ experiences once they stopped drinking; I remember being lent a great book called just this when I first came in, and it was packed with ideas and tasks I could do to keep myself occupied and busy. I’ve still got that book and passed it on to many fellow AAs since then - you can buy copies via the shop on www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk. Learning to live was so important to me, I’d not put much thought into what would happen after I stop drinking and certainly had not contemplated how to tackle the ups and downs of life without drink in me. At the be¬ginning it was definitely a day at a time and a task at a time – there was a lot of cleaning cupboards and baking cakes I seem to re¬member. But it got easier. 

We have received a good number of articles recently and photos for the front cover - with the new cover design it is now important that the main focus of the images appears in the centre or bottom half - seasonal images are really useful too as we move through the year. If there are any budding cartoonists out there please get in touch as it would be great to refresh the cartoon library! Thank you for all your contributions. 

Remaining 2023 Themes: 
August - You Are No Longer Alone 
September - Steps 8 and 9 
October - Came to Believe 
November - Steps 10, 11 and 12 
December - The Promises 

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org


1 Preamble 
2 Subcommittee Noticeboard 
3 Editorial 
4 Embracing The Changes Of Sobriety 
5 I Hoped I Was Only An Alcoholic 
6 Contribute To Roundabout 
7 The Forgotten Step 
8 Beyond Your Wildest Dreams...Really? 
10 Gratitude 
11 The Miracle Of AA 
12 A Fairy Tale 
i Conventions And Gatherings 
ii-iv Group Information 
13 The Roundabout Interview 
16 Fantasy Land 
18 Extracts From AA Literature 
20 AA History Corner 
23 Subscribe 
24 The Twelve Concepts Of World Service 
25 The Twelve Traditions

Roundabout Magazine July 2023 Cover