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Firstly, a very happy and healthy New Year to all our readers, subscribers and contributors from everyone on the Roundabout team.

January is traditionally the time when we see new faces coming through the doors into our Fellowship. Often they arrive after a horrendous festive season has finally brought them to their knees. Many of these new faces don't stick around to find out how we do what we do. Others will. What we as a Fellowship can do at this time of year is be willing to do for others what was done for ourselves when we first stumbled across the threshold into Alcoholics Anonymous. So, if you're a member of a group you may choose to ask yourself the following as we ready ourselves for this year's influx.

Did we fill in the Pink Form to ensure group details such as disabled access and hard of hearing facilities are present on the AA GB website now that the main way newcomers find our meetings is through an internet search? This form also allows us to make sure our group contacts for the AA Where To Find are correct so that AA members doing service as Telephone, Online and Chat Now responders have up to date phone numbers to use.

Did we, at our last business meeting, decide which woman and man will be at the door as greeters, putting out the warm hand of friendship to welcome folk into our meeting?

Did we decide who will man the tea bar and carefully hand over half-filled cuppas to the shaking hands of the newcomers along with a friendly greeting?

And finally, does your group have some back copies of the Roundabout magazine to gift to the newcomer? It is Scotland's meeting in print; something for them to read and hold onto as they decide whether they will come and stay and start their journey of recovery with us.


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Learning to Live Through Life's Changes

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I Would Have Laughed in Their Face

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