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February 2021 - Editorial

The Fellowship of AA worked together to create this 70th Anniversary issue of our beloved Roundabout. It has been a privilege to be part of the process and will be another memory I will cherish after I rotate out of the role of Editor.

I’d like to extend my thanks to the staff in the Northern Service Office who made sure, despite the ongoing pandemic, that we had access to the archive material you will find within the middle section of the magazine. We hope you enjoy reading Issue No. 1 as well as the letters written by some early ‘Friends of AA’ in Scotland: Dr M Whittet and Mr Magnus Magnusson.

I’d also like to thank the Oldtimers across the five regions in Scotland who shared their experience, strength and hope with us including their experience of how Roundabout has accompanied them on their journeys in AA.

Having the opportunity to speak personally with folk - some I have yet to meet - and then to see their articles appear either by post or email gave me a real sense of the Fellowship I am part of. Because of AA I am on the inside of something rather than being on the outside looking in, for the first time in my life. Before AA I had never experienced such a feeling of belonging.

Over the wide span of seventy years various Editors have encouraged AA members to submit articles - ‘Use it or lose it’ was a common rallying cry. That call to action remains the same. The archive piece on page 12 where a Scottish AA member describes holding Bill W’s hand while taking the ‘I am Responsible’ oath for Scotland will be enough, I’m sure, to inspire articles on one of the themes we’re focusing on this year, which you’ll find on page two.

Roundabout is seventy this month - lets all of us make sure she’s still here in another seventy years. ‘Therefore, we ask you to “buckle to”.


2 Sub-Committee Notice Board
3 Editorial
4 The Good Oldtimers... South West Scotland Region
7 A Good Oldtimer... From Highlands & Islands Region
9 The Good Oldtimers... Glasgow Region
11 Letter From Dr M Whittet
12 Roundabout Article From The Archive
i-iv ‘The Roundabout’ Issue No. 1
13 Newspaper Article From Mr Magnus Magnusson
15 The Good Oldtimers... East of Scotland Region
16 The Good Oldtimers... Scotia Region
20 From A Member Young In Sobriety
21 Roundabout At Seventy
22 That Was The Week That Was
23 Subscribe To Roundabout Editorial

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A Good Oldtimer...From Highlands & Islands Region

My sobriety date is 18 March 1977 and my home group back then was the Courthouse in Elgin.

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A Good Oldtimer...From Scotia Region

Many thanks to Harvey approaching 56 years of sobriety and a member of The First Friday Group, East Kilbride.

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