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The alcoholic's reckless love affair with alcohol can be heard in AA meetings up and down the country. In heart-rending detail we recall the constant longing and the feverish anticipation as we clasped the bottle close to take that first drink.

We speak of the relief and comfort we felt at the beginning and then of our feelings of betrayal at the hands of this master to whom we had unwittingly given our very selves, without realising, until it was too late.

Unable to end our destructive relationship with booze we go back time and time again, thinking each time it will be different. It isn't. It breaks our hearts. Our partners, family and friends look on dismayed, unable to reach us. We reject their love, powerless to resist the lure of the fatal first drink. Eventually we are left utterly isolated. Not even alcohol - once the love of our life - brings comfort.

We find AA and at our first meeting we are warmly welcomed. We are offered the loving hand of friendship. We are told that we are no longer alone and experience the first flicker of hope.

For the first time in a long while we feel an affinity with another human being. We learn of the spiritual 12 Step Programme and of a God of our own understanding.

Our roots grasp a new soil and we make our first, tentative steps towards recovery.

Having once only been capable of a fatal affair with alcohol, we now have a committed relationship with a Higher Power.

Having once been afflicted by an inability to form a true partnership with another human being, we learn to love and be loved.

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