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During February, Valentine's Day is the annual opportunity for people to express their love for one another through the giving or exchanging of cards, flowers, chocolates and all manner of heart-shaped novelties. In AA it is through the actions that we take every day which demonstrate our love, as to do for others is the very opposite of the selfish way we lived before we got here.

The ability to demonstrate love, even to ourselves never mind another human being, was just one of the many aspects of normal human behaviour that was beyond our reach when we were drinking. Our most intimate relationship was with the bottle and it came before everything and everyone else.

Wives, husbands, partners and children were often viewed as annoyances and as our disease progressed many of us lost the ability to take even the most basic care of ourselves. Washing and eating were viewed as a waste of valuable drinking time and talking with another human being was pointless unless the conversation would result in a drink.

Many of us share about the love we experienced when we moved from the isolation of alcoholism into the warmth of our first AA meeting. The handshake, the hug, the smile and the phrase "Keep coming back" are all mentioned time and again as it was these things which kept many of us coming back.

The disease of alcoholism disconnected us from normal human interaction and it is the people in AA, one of the three P's - the People, the Power and the Programme - who help us to begin the process of reconnecting to ourselves and others.

February 14 will come and it will go. What a gift we have in our Fellowship to be able to demonstrate love daily, and it costs us nothing at all.


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