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August 2023


If you are reading this copy of Roundabout and you are new to AA or coming back after time away, please remember you are no longer alone. Up until the day I walked into my first meeting I had tried to do it alone and that had not exactly worked out very well for me! I remember leaving my first meeting with a sense of hope - I didn’t quite know what to expect going forward, but I had ‘hope’ and I knew I wasn’t on my own with ‘it’ any more. Now a few years down the line I can choose to be on my own or I can choose to be present in AA, attend meetings and honestly share how I am feeling. If I cannot get to meetings I can pick up the phone or text someone to connect with the Fellowship. There are not many other situations in life where I can connect with someone who will understand what I am thinking or saying at any time of the day or week and importantly, not judge me.

Our latest issue focuses on the loneliness that active alcoholism can bring and also the Fellowship within AA. I’m sure many of us can remember the welcome we received at our first few meetings and relief that we had made it through the doors! I remember a chap with a big smile and outstretched hand as I walked in - he was making the tea - it made me feel a little less nervous and that I was welcome to be there. Another one of our articles this month mentions the Helpline and the calmness at the end of the phone from the AA member who answered whilst doing their phone shift. We all appreciate that warm welcome and feeling that people care if we are there or not - AA is pretty special. 

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org

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1    Preamble
2    Subcommittee Noticeboard
3    Editorial
4    No Longer Alone
    My Experience Of The Helpline
5    A Little Share
6    Contribute To Roundabout
    A Lonely Illness
7    AA Grapevine Article
11    Preposterous
i    Conventions And Gatherings
ii-iv    Group Information
13    The Roundabout Interview
18    Extracts From AA Literature
20    AA History Corner
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24    The Twelve Concepts Of World Service
25    The Twelve Traditions

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