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April 2022

Read our latest edition of Roundabout Magazine April 2022


I came to AA via an email to the main helpline email address. This may seem against everything this issue is aimed at being about, but I don’t think I am the only one too scared to dial! The email I received in reply was really helpful, but also encouraged me to call the local number for AA and find out about my local meeting. I did call the helpline eventually as I needed to know how to get into the building for the meeting I wanted to go to and a lovely local lady called me back and I’m pleased to say we are still friends today. I called her a few times before I actually met her in person at another meeting and she was always friendly and went out of her way to give me the information I needed. This is my experience of AA, - it is always there 24/7 and because we have all been in that situation of making that first phone call we show empathy and want to help.

When I first came to AA I was overwhelmed by the fact that people remembered my name and that they offered their phone numbers – more importantly they reached out straight away to see how I was in my first week and continued to do so. What I struggled with, as do many, was picking up the phone and ‘dialling out’ to AA – phones work both ways. I didn’t think people would want to hear from me, they wouldn’t be interested or they might be busy – that typical “I don’t want to bother you...” Someone kindly told me to remember that it wasn’t all about me and maybe the person I was calling would like a chat too. I would not need to say much if I didn’t want to. That was good advice, it removed the barrier of not wanting to bother people and ‘pick up the phone’. I could start a conversation with “How are you?” and just see where it took us. But, the main thing that helped remove the barriers and awkwardness was people dropping me a text during the week to see how I was or pass on words of encouragement and this made the thought of a phone call far less daunting.

I hope you enjoy this latest issue. Thank you to everyone who has submitted articles recently because without your stories our magazine would not be possible

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org

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Roundabout April Cover

Do it anyway

I am not one to phone people just for the sake of it.

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Phone calls that saved my life

I contacted AA by phoning the Helpline because for the first time in my life I couldn't make it in to work because I'd been drinking during the night

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