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This month brings our Annual General Service Conference at York. It’s an important date in our calendar. It’s a weekend when the Fellowship as a whole gathers to consider, discuss and debate questions relating to our effectiveness and efficiency in delivering our message. These questions will have been considered at group level and individual groups will have taken their responses to their intergroup. Intergroup will have debated these responses too, and an agreed conscience will then have been taken to their region where the same will have happened. Thus, the regional Conference Delegates are taking the agreed conscience of their constituent intergroups who had each presented the agreed conscience of their constituent groups. It is an entirely fair process and the Fellowship always allows for a minority view to be noted.

Anyone and everyone who has attended Conference will acknowledge that committee debates are often passionate and at times very heated. There is much coming and going and trimming and tweaking. Come the deadline though, and by God’s grace, an agreed response is always ready to be put to full Conference for vote. It’s a matter of fact that Conference may vote to accept recommendations or courses of action with which a small minority of the Fellowship are not in full agreement. Conference isn’t a legislature. It offers suggestions that are the agreed conscience of the substantial majority. Every single one of us in the Fellowship should seek the good grace and humility to embrace wholeheartedly all Conference decisions on that basis.

Our Three Legacies, usually portrayed in the form of a triangle, are UNITY, SERVICE and RECOVERY. The use of the triangle is a simple way of reinforcing the fact that all three are contingent upon each other if we, the Fellowship, are to be fully effective and efficient in our primary purpose. It really is desirable that we have no mavericks at individual or group levels. If we are disunited to any degree we are weakening the service and recovery we try to offer. Let’s be united.


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