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Alcoholics Anonymous 14th Annual Presentation to MPs and Professionals

October 2019

Hosted by Dr Lisa Cameron MP, SNP on 22nd at Portcullis House, Westminster.

The aim of the event was to show how AA can work in cooperation with the professional communities, in helping suffering alcoholics recover from alcoholism, and demonstrating the real-life personal experience of two AA members in recovery.

The event this year was hosted by Dr Lisa Cameron MP of the SNP. 

The professional speaker was Nick Holroyd, lawyer and ex AA GSB non-alcoholic trustee.  Two AA member speakers, sharing their personal stories and experience from 6 to 40 years of sobriety. Al-Anon had a stand with Al-Anon PI's and literature. 

The event was well attended with 80 professionals from the health and well- being sectors, police, clergy & 16 registered MPs.

Nick Holroyd shared his experience of a professional career dealing with alcohol related issues for serving police officers; and his subsequent understanding of AA its history and traditions, and his observation of the tremendous passion, humour and fellowship from AA members. He recommended the AA 'Big Book' as an essential read for anyone working in the sector, and reminded the audience that AA was free, non-religious and a route to happy fulfilled lives. 

Dr Cameron is a consultant clinical psychologist. She has served on the Health and Social Care committee. In her professional life has worked in the mental health, trauma and addiction services in South Lanarkshire. Dr Cameron shared her personal experience of a family member's recovery from alcoholism through the help of the AA programme, 12 Steps and fellowship, and the positive life changing experience that was for her whole family. She expressed her mindfulness that AA has helped many people as an effective approach, and her gratitude for the work that AA does. In her view Parliament should support AA more.

Dr Lisa Cameron MP, SNP

Thanks to all the AA members who made the event possible, and to all the professionals for attending.  Next year's event will be announced as soon as possible. 


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