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Alcohol Awareness Week 2023

The date of Alcohol Awareness Week has changed to July 2023

The next Alcohol Awareness Week will now take place from 3-9 July 2023 with the aim of helping more people to take part.

Each year, over 5,000 public health teams, workplaces, GP surgeries, pharmacies, hospitals, charities and other community groups across the UK sign up to take part in Alcohol Awareness Week run by Alcohol Change.

AA has been helping alcoholics to recover from alcoholism since 1935. During that time, AA has supported thousands of people to re-establish relationships with themselves and others.

Our 2020 membership survey found that there are over 4.2 million attendances at AA meetings each year in the UK . For the first time, the majority of AA members, 55%, have been in the fellowship for over 10 years. The 2020 results support the findings of the Cochrane report that AA is as effective, if not more so, than other established treatments.

Female membership of AA has increased by 22% over the past 49 years since AA GB conducted the first membership survey in 1972. Current membership is 53% male and 47% female, the highest proportion of females recorded in an AA GB survey.

The majority of AA members, 58%, are in full-time employment with 26% retired.

AA is free, confidential and available to anyone who is worried about their drinking.



Notes to editors 

1.    Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship dedicated to helping people recover from alcoholism.

2.    AA is free, confidential and available to anyone who is worried about their drinking.

3.    AA began in 1935 in Akron, Ohio and has approximately 3 million members worldwide.

4.    AA in Great Britain began at London’s Dorchester hotel in March 1947.

5.    In 2022, AA Great Britain will celebrate its 75-year anniversary.

6.    Visit the AA website, , for more information about AA and how to find a meeting.

7.    You can access a range of AA videos here

8.    For media enquiries contact or Emma on 01904 644  6764