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Alcoholism doesn’t care about your background, bank account, gender, beliefs, or profession. Old or young, rich, or poor. It doesn’t care if you believe in a God or not.

For some of us, the compulsion to drink interfered with our normal lives. For others, our addiction led to brutal loss: jobs, family, possessions, homes, and self-respect.

Some of us have been hospitalised. Or arrested. Or committed grave offences – against society, our loved ones, ourselves.

At the AA, it doesn’t matter where you are from, what you look like, or what you believe.

The only thing you need to have to be a member is a desire to stop drinking.

AA is the largest, and most successful, mutual support organisation in the world, with over two million members.

There are no fees to be a member; the AA is self-supporting through contributions.

There are thousands of AA groups up and down the country. Here, members meet to share their experience, strength, and hope with each other.

Through meetings, and talking with other alcoholics, we are able to stay sober.

All religions are represented, as are atheists and agnostics. There is no formal creed or conditions to membership.

We are a Fellowship united by one common problem: alcohol. Our only purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.