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Our mission: five main goals

Based on the AA Service Handbook, YPLOs have five primary functions:

  1. To offer guidance to young people newly in AA
  2. To encourage and support young members of AA into service and to develop their service
  3. To ensure that the voice of young people in AA is heard at all levels of the service structure
  4. To carry the AA message to young people outside AA who have not yet had their chance to recover
  5. To support other members of AA in carrying the message outside AA by providing them with young AAs to give talks and attend presentations

I take this passage from the chapter ‘A Vision For You’ as a guide:

“So our fellow worker will soon have friends galore. Some of them may sink and perhaps never get up, but if our experience is a criterion, more than half of those approached will become fellows of Alcoholics Anonymous. When a few men in this city have found themselves, and have discovered the joy of helping others to face life again, there will be no stopping until everyone in that town has had his opportunity to recover – if he can and will.”

Alcoholics Anonymous, pages 163 – 164