Find a meeting


  • Identify young people who seem to be at a loss newly in AA and link them up to other young people / direct them to young people’s meetings / befriend them.
  • Create a list of young people who can do service in your area. Invite them to your intergroup or share your experience of doing group level service. Encourage them in their service journey.


  • Identify institutions in your intergroup area that encounter young people, e.g. schools, universities, youth groups, charities. (Google maps zoomed in, government databases, walking around are all good methods.)
  • Make a database, or table to record your information. (Google sheets works well.)
  • Prepare to contact them by familiarising yourself with telephone scripts and email templates. (Available in the links below.)
  • Get a literature budget from your intergroup and then place a literature order. (Note: it can be sometimes more than two weeks for a literature order to arrive, so place orders in advance of when you need the materials.)
  • Run your plan past your RYPLO and / or service sponsor.
  • Start contacting Young People’s institutions.
  • Keep a record of your actions, including who you spoke to and what the outcome was.
  • Follow up as necessary / twice a year / annually.
  • Report your actions to the RYPLO and at the quarterly meetings of YPLOs in your Region.

Quarterly Meetings and Reporting

The Regional YPLO will arrange a meeting, once per quarter, for the YPLOs in the Region to meet together. At this meeting the following can be done:

  • Update each other on what actions have been taken – a written report is preferred
  • Share experience of what has worked / hasn’t worked
  • Coordinate next actions
  • Ensure that key information is up-to-date
  • Improve knowledge and understanding of applying the Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts in practice