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History of the Young Person's Liaison

At the 2015 Annual Conference Committee 2 was tasked with the question:


Would the Fellowship discuss if it would like to adopt the Young Person’s Liaison Officer (YPLO) position, to be incorporated into the Service Structure of AA Great Britain

And answered as follows:

Committee 2 recommends that the Young Person’s Liaison Officer role is formally incorporated in the service structure at Intergroup and Region levels.

The following role description is suggested to go forward via the Literature Committee to Conference 2016 for approval and incorporation in the AA Service Handbook for Great Britain.

Young Person’s Liaison Officer (YPLO) 

The Young Person’s Liaison Officer (YPLO) is a contact and conduit for young newcomers with a desire to stop drinking.

The YPLO is a full service position recommended for Intergroups and Regions with voice and voting rights equal to other service positions.

The YPLO position is recommended for a service term of three years and it is suggested that each Intergroup and Region create a maximum of one YPLO position with voting rights at their respective assembly.

One fundamental aim is to get more younger members into AA and involved in service generally. YPLOs should strive to be of service to AA in other disciplines, especially after rotating out of service as YPLO.


a) Having come into AA at the age of thirty or younger

b) Having a minimum of two years continuous sobriety for Intergroup YPLO

c) Having a minimum of three years continuous sobriety for Region YPLO

d) Having a good working knowledge of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

The YPLO receives and answers referred email and phone enquiries about AA from young people. This gives young people someone to talk with who has sober experience in Alcoholics Anonymous and who can share experience, strength and hope about getting sober at a young age.

A YPLO will be available to assist the Public Information Liaison Officer (PILO) with public information talks where the audience is anticipated to be of a younger age, such as schools, universities, young offenders’ institutions etc.

The YPLO could also be of assistance offering perspective to PILOs when creating PI presentations and other PI work in relation to carrying the message to young people.

A YPLO should develop a contact list of members of AA who got sober at the age of thirty or younger who are available and willing to be of service for PI talks and 12-Step calls.

All YPLOs are welcome and encouraged to participate on the Young Peoples Project Team of the General Service Board, for as long as that team is convened.

In the spirit of unity and fellowship YPLOs are encouraged to support other Intergroup and/or Region activities concerning young alcoholics. Such activities may include Workshops, PI events and Conventions targeting younger AAs.

A YPLO should encourage younger members of AA to get involved in all aspects of service where the recommended qualifications for sobriety are fully met.

Younger AAs are needed in all disciplines eg. Literature, Electronic Communications and PI to ensure the perspective of young people in AA is represented.