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Carrying the AA message through Public Information activities can vary as each organisation, or meeting, may have different requirements as to how they would like the message put across. In addition we can convey professionalism by relating to professionals by name and on their terms in any communications.

Consequently there is a wealth of experience in our Fellowship as to how AA members have successfully carried out PI activities in different formats. In some cases these activities have been shared and are available in the Document Library. They include DVD’s: Powerpoint presentations to professionals, and PI groups; documents for PI use in contacting the media or other professionals; shared PI experiences; PI Service News which contains events and latest news and press releases, including articles by Non-Alcoholic Trustees.

These resources may not fit your requirements exactly but may form a basis that you can build upon. When the PI activity has been carried out, and in the Fellowship’s spirit of sharing experience, we would welcome any resources used in PI activities and place them in the Document Library. Forward them to “PI Sub Committee” .

Another resource that many find valuable, is the record of PI Seminars 2013 available on the PI CD obtainable from the General Service Office.

For resources not listed here please refer to other PI pages.

  • DVDs
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • PI Documents for professionals
  • PI Service News
  • Media extracts from Service Handbook
  • 12 Suggested Points for a new Regional Public Information Liaison Officer (RPILO) – An Individuals View

If you are planning to become involved in the Public Information (PI) service discipline, or are a serving PI officer the following pieces of AA literature will be useful as background information for various aspects of PI work. There are also documents listed in the Resource section of this site that will provide guidance relevant to a GB context.

Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book)

Language of the Heart (Bill W’s Grapevine Writings)