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AA resources for Professionals

AA resources available when working with Professionals:-

(these can all be found in the Document Library)

  •  A Message For Professionals
  •  Newsletter for Professionals
  •  A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous

Articles by Non-Alcoholic Trustees:-

  •  Dr Jaqueline Chang
  •  Professor Jonathan Chick
  •  Dr Ash Kahn, Consultant Psychiatrist
  •  Martin Weegman, Clinical Psychologist
  •  Paul Myles MSc (Substance Misuse)
  •  Dr Louise J Foxcroft
  •  Members of the Clergy Ask About Alcoholics Anonymous
  •  How AA Members Cooperate with Professionals
  •  AA as a Resource for Employers
  •  AA as a Resource for the Medical Profession
  •  Speaking at Non AA Meetings
  •  AA Information for Professionals in :-
  •  Community Services
  •  Ethnic Communities
  •  Counselling