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AA and the media

AA is keen to make effective use of the media to carry our message of recovery to the still suffering alcoholic, their friends and families, professionals whose work involves contact with alcoholism and the public in general.

It is important to establish a working relationship with digital (T.V & radio) print and community organisations. Initial contacts can be made by telephone or email to set up a meeting and developed from there. Anonymous interviews, phone-ins, articles and programmes about AA, as well as advertisements and community service announcements can be arranged.

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our Traditions and statements to the media concerning this can be found below.

It is vitally important to note that AA has no opinion on outside issues (Tradition 10) Even when a member states that an opinion is theirs, and not AA’s, it could be construed as AA’s so it is better to give no opinion at all.

It is also important to explain the relevant Traditions before an interview or talk takes place.

In all media reports of any kind highlight at least once –

AA helpline number: 0800 9177 650


N.B. – We do not participate in discussions on the merits of other treatment methods, agencies, organisations or medication and drugs. We are there to carry the message of AA.

Please read the following for spiritual guidance on AA and publicity:

  • Language of the Heart Bill W’s writings in ‘Grapevine’
    Chapters: Anonymity; Relations with the media; Public Relations; AA Not a religion; Cooperation with …
  • 12 Concepts Illustrated & 12 Traditions Illustrated
  • How AA Members Co-operate with Professionals (leaflet)

Resources in the Document Library under Handbooks and PI:

  • Anonymity letter to the media
  • PI chapter in Service Handbook
  • Press releases
  • Articles by Non-Alcoholic Trustees
  • Hints & Suggestions for (standard) letters
  • Public Relations in AA