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January 2018 - Editorial

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HELLO AND WELCOME to 2018, dear reader! Here we are again, the festivities have come and gone, and we are back at the beginning. A new start. A very special welcome to the newcomer reading this too - this magazine is just for YOU. It is written by members for members and is seen as a meeting between meetings. So, newcomer, if you have been to a few meetings already and are still not really sure if you fit in to the AA way of life, read on and see if there are any similarities with your story. There should be. The main thing to know is that you are not alone and that whilst you may feel different/special/downtrodden/ useless/ yadda yadda, (delete as appropriate), you are not. We may all look different but we are all the same inside. We all have the same head.

Now then, before there is any wailing and gnashing of teeth, or calls for my dismissal, let me explain why there is no lovely scenic photograph on the front cover. No, you're stuck with an old washed up wheel on the beach instead. Sorry about that. I had actually chosen a lovely picture for this month but I saw this wheel whilst out and about and I changed my mind.

You see, when I came into AA the wheel had fallen off. Completely. Utterly. But I couldn't see it and I when I did realize that I was driving on 3 wheels (i.e. completely mad) I certainly couldn't accept it. Neither could I accept that I was an alcoholic. It was the love of my new friends in AA that picked up the wheel and put it back. The AA way of life ensures that the wheel stays on and that is marvelous, priceless and free. Enjoy this issue and Happy New Year!

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