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Editorial September 2016

How often do we hear newcomers being given the sage advice to ‘get into the middle of the bed’? What we’re telling the newcomer is that being a participator rather than a mere attender in our Fellowship will give them a far greater chance of day-to-day recovery from alcoholism. The simplest yet most effective step they can take in this regard is to join a group.

Our AA Structure Manual explains the ‘home group’ as a ‘group for meetings in which members feel most at home. In such groups they accept service responsibilities, sustain friendships and celebrate anniversaries.’

It’s actually much more than that, though. Apart from being the first step into service in AA, it’s an immensely effective and powerful security blanket. Not only are friendships formed within the group, they are inevitably and almost inexplicably nurtured and develop into bonds far more potent than can be found anywhere outside the Fellowship.

Not only are group members immediately ‘on the case’ when one of their number fails to turn up as expected and without any explanation, they actually can and do develop the ability to pick up nuances - something in appearance, manner, tone - that all is not quite as it should be with another. All of us who are members of a home group will readily accept this is indeed the case. A discreet enquiry leads to a discreet chat and a problem shared becomes a problem halved. If one is experiencing difficulty getting to the group through illness or other incapacity, the group will ensure sustained contact. It’s a very effective fellowship within the Fellowship!

Surprisingly, there are quite a considerable number in the Fellowship well beyond the ‘newcomer’ tag who don’t belong in a home group. No matter how long you’ve been in AA, you really should consider joining one. People need that cover. You may come to need it too.

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