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Spring is just about upon us now and with a perception once lost to us we are noticing signs of regeneration everywhere around us. Grass that had stopped growing is becoming lush again. Trees that have been leafless for months have budded. Tips of flowers that disappeared from sight and mind are breaking the soil. Shrubs that have stood dormant and colourless are ready to erupt into bloom. They never died. They had simply ceased to thrive in harsh and severe conditions, lapsing into a state of dormancy, to be reawakened by a fortunate improvement in circumstances.

All of this must sound very familiar to us in this Fellowship. None of us were born into alcoholism, after all. We all had lives, some more pleasurable or successful than others, but we embraced a lifestyle not conducive to growth, an environment where it was impossible to flourish. We drank. We all drank ourselves into a hellish decline. The more fortunate of us settled into a long, bleak, dark and cold state of dormancy. The less fortunate have perished.

That fortunate majority of us though, by an act of providence, found this Fellowship before we, too, perished. We found a spring awakening. We found there was a way to change our own circumstances and we found a desire to grasp that change. We found ourselves gifted with a simple Programme which keeps us adequately nourished for every single day we choose to apply Alcoholics Anonymous to our lives and apply our lives to Alcoholics Anonymous.

It’s a far more subtle Programme than that, too. Our personal decline invariably impacted upon others in our lives, dragging them along with us to that bleak twilight zone, yet our recovery is almost inevitably mirrored in them as well.

We are blessed today. We can awaken and smell the roses. Let’s all just make sure we never stop nourishing ourselves in this Fellowship


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