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Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all. The Roundabout team wish each and every one of you a thoroughly contented, healthy and peaceful 2017.

The Roundabout team fervently hope, too, that 2017 will see a pendulum swing in circulation figures for your magazine. Over the last 10 years, circulation figures have been falling quite alarmingly and the future of the magazine is now a genuine concern.

The AA membership in Scotland really must acknowledge the vital importance of Roundabout as a service tool. It is, quite literally, a ‘meeting in print’ for those of us who simply cannot get to meeting rooms. The vast majority of us in city and urban areas are likely to be within walking distance of meetings every morning, afternoon and evening and perfectly able to do so, but perhaps lose sight of the fact that the housebound, bed-bound, hospitalised, incarcerated and those in very remote areas do not have that luxury. They depend on Roundabout. It’s our duty to make sure it’s always available for them.

Does your home group take out a subscription for Roundabout? Do you take out a personal subscription? Are you someone who occasionally picks up a Roundabout from a literature table now and again? Do you sometimes pick up a copy from a literature table, read a few pages and put it back?

Please play your part in ensuring Roundabout’s turn of fortune. Play your part in ensuring those who need the magazine always have it. Buy a copy? Buy a copy every month! Guarantee our magazine’s future. It is only £1. Buying Roundabout each month is actively engaging in service in our Fellowship and service is, after all, one of our three legacies.

‘When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help I want the hand of AA always to be there. And, for that, I am responsible.’

In this Month’s Issue

2.      Sub-Committee Notice Board

3.      Editorial

4.      The Alternative Club 27         

6.      Money Matters

7.      I’ve Written In Before But Thought I’d Write Again

8.      Scottish National Convention 2017

9.      A Weight Was Lifted Off My Shoulders

11.    If I Can Stay Sober So Can You

i-iv.   Group Changes, Diary & Service Pages  

13.    The Roundabout Interview

15.    Twelve Concepts Checklist (GB)

16.    A Beautiful Sobriety Bonus    

17.    Wishing You All Happiness

18.    Because One Man Was Lonely

19.    Reflections

20.    Gratitude In Action

21.    That Was The Week That Was

23.    Roundabout Subscription Form