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It’s December and Christmas isn’t far off now. “Eat, drink and be merry” we’re being told. It isn’t too easy either to turn a deaf ear to what the world and his uncle are constantly telling us. The invitations bombard us.

Most of us in AA will know how to handle the relentless advertising pressure we’re subjected to over the festive period. We ‘top up’ our meetings at this time, we stay in close contact with our fellow AA’s and, essentially, we keep an alert eye on our newer members, particularly our younger members for whom peer pressure can be intense.

It’s very easy to tell our newer and younger AA friends who are worrying about coping at family or work celebrations “Just don’t go” but, for some, that might not be just so simple. They will be given the usual advice to have their phones with them, be prepared to use them and, ultimately, leave if things are becoming too uncomfortable.

Many of us in AA, in these uncomfortable situations, use the Serenity Prayer. It invariably works! The Serenity Prayer in itself can almost be interpreted as a synopsis of everything AA is all about. It can carry the solid message of the Fellowship in its very few words - God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (I am an alcoholic. Regardless of what we see and hear in the media about famous sports or movie stars there is no such thing as an ‘ex-alcoholic’ or ‘former alcoholic’. I am an alcoholic until the day I die), courage to change the things I can (I can be a drunken, performing alcoholic or I can be a contentedly sober alcoholic) and wisdom to know the difference (the first drink!). It boils down to that.

The very warmest wishes for a happy, sober, peaceful and contented Christmas are sent to you all from everyone on the Roundabout team.


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