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Submitting and Updating Meeting Information (Pink Form)

To ensure that meeting information displayed on the Intergroup and AA website is accurate and up to date, GSO should be made aware of any new meetings, or updates to meetings, by submitting a “Pink Form”.

This form and notes on how to use it can be found at the following page: Submit Your Meeting Information (Pink Form) | Alcoholics Anonymous – Great Britain (

Group Reference Number

Every meeting has a Group Reference Number – also known as ‘uid’, for Unique IDentification – which is asked for when you fill in a Pink Form to change details about your group. It is not necessary to know this number, but it is very useful to GSO staff when they are dealing with the Pink Forms. Until now, almost the only place where this number is given is on mail from GSO e.g. AA Service News. The uid is printed below the address.

Now you can find a Group’s uid from the Intergroup microsite. Within the microsite is a page listing all Intergroup meetings. When this page is called up, there is a further option to download the list in .PDF format. This list shows the UID for each group.