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NLIG Intergroup Meeting Information

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All members of AA are very welcome to attend Intergroup meetings.We welcome all AA members to attend as Intergroup is the voice of local AA. We cannot exist without support. We look forward to seeing you there – no invite needed!

What is Intergroup?
Intergroup exists to provide AA services within the local area which are not practical for each individual group to provide.

Intergroup consists of and is operated by the AA groups in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Each group may send a representative – the Group Service Representative, or GSR, – and the GSR’s vote on any matters that arise. Other AA members are welcome (in fact encouraged) to attend and join in but may not vote.

What does Intergroup do?

  • Makes sure that AA is listed in telephone and other directories
  • Organises and maintains the Telephone help-line
  • Organises a rota of members to go out on 12th-step calls when requested
  • Organises a rota of members to go carry the AA message to people in prisons
  • Compiles and has printed the “Where to find” meeting cards
  • Collects money from local groups and passes this on to Regional Office, and maintains business accounts for the counties AA groups
  • Maintains this micro-site
  • Has elected officers who pass the AA message on in areas of Health and Employment
  • Has elected officers who pass the AA message on to workers in Probation and Prison services
  • Provides a link between local Groups and AA at a regional and National level
  • Sends members to represent local groups at AA national conferences
  • Promoting Share Magazine to local groups
  • Organises workshops for local members

and much more!

What happens at an Intergroup meeting?

Because these meetings are in effect a “business meeting” they have an Agenda and a record of the meeting, the minutes, is kept. Also, any matters arising are voted on by a show of hands and in this way Intergroup is similar to the Conscience meeting held by many AA groups.

But we try to make the meeting relaxed and friendly and we have found that sitting facing each other helps as does going around the room and introducing ourselves at the start (and of course the Tea urn is constantly on!)

The meeting is run by the Chair and the minutes are recorded by the secretary. The meeting agenda will have been printed by the Secretary and handed out to all attending, along with minutes from the last meeting, and this is then followed.

A typical Agenda may be:

  • Welcome
  • Introductions & Apologies
  • Around the groups – (news from the groups)
  • Minutes from the last meeting
  • Matters arising from last meeting
  • Officers reports (news from telephone service, health, employment, prisons etc)
  • Election of Officers
  • Service Position Vacancies
  • Any other business
  • Date and time of next meeting
  • Close of Meeting