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Capio Nightingale describes itself as the leading private mental health hospital delivering specialist treatment in general psychiatry, addictions and eating disorders in London

There are three secretaries taking the weekly meeting at the hospital each Sunday afternoon. Most meetings attract about 2 or 3 patients who are staying at the hospital for a detox programme but this can include work on Step 1 and related addiction therapies.

The meeting follows the usual format of Preamble, introductions and chair followed by general sharing. The meeting is not advertised in the Where To Find and is not open to visitors.

Generally, the discussions are informal in style and often depend on whether there are one or more patients who have no experience of the AA programme or meetings. In this case, we usually answer many questions on topics such as attending meetings in London and finding a sponsor.

Since I joined the team of secretaries in 2012, I have found the meetings to be quite varied and generally appreciated. The staff at the hospital are most supportive of our meetings and encourage the patients to attend although it is optional.

Please invite members of your groups to contact me if they would like to attend and give a chair at one of these meetings.

Address for Capio is 11-19 Lisson Grove, London, NW1 6SH and the meeting starts at 1430 lasting for an hour. We usually meet in reception at about 1415.

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