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Employment Liaison

You may be among the growing number of employers who now have in place formal alcohol use policies to help deal with the consequences of excess drinking and alcohol dependence. The information below on Alcoholics Anonymous may help to complement this.

In existence in the UK for the last 75 years, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) work is based on the founding principle of one alcoholic helping another through the sharing of their experiences. There are no dues or fees for membership of AA; the only requirement is a desire to stop drinking. Meetings are held throughout the UK and abroad. In south west London alone there are over 70 meetings each week held either physically face to face or online via Zoom.

AA is non-professional but AA members are available and willing to assist employers by:

  • Making presentations to groups of employees or your HR team describing the AA programme of recovery
  • Talking with your staff, medical department, company nurse, welfare officer or
  • Employee Assistance Programme staff about how AA might be of assistance
  • Accompanying alcoholic employees who want help to AA meetings
  • Providing literature, posters etc for display in your workplace.

AA experience shows that difficult situations at work can be successfully transformed when the individual with the alcohol problem commits to recovery with the help and guidance of fellow AA members.

Please email Dave H at or click here for more information.