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Survey sub-committee

Conference 2017 determined there should be a new Survey Sub-committee to be given the task of preparing and producing the 2020 Survey, and all subsequent surveys.

The GSB of Alcoholics Anonymous has been conducting a survey of the Fellowship every five years since 1972. The intention of these surveys is to learn more about the Fellowship in Great Britain so that the AA message can reach the still suffering alcoholic more effectively, thus helping us to fulfil our Primary Purpose in the most effective manner.

Additional reasons for conducting this survey include: estimating the number of people in the Fellowship; informing the GSB regarding the effective allocation of resources; and gaining information that could be useful in communication with Professionals.

The GSB is now looking to appoint up to three members of the Fellowship to the .

It would be preferable for applicants to have experience in conducting surveys, and also to have experience in data management and statistical management, ideally using SPSS software or similar.

Applicants should be able to work as part of a team, and to liaise and work with professional advisers. They should have the expertise to consider previous surveys, and draft additional questions to assist in improving and building upon the data available.

There will be a minimum of two sub-committee meetings a year in York. All applicants should be able to commit to those meetings, and be prepared to undertake additional work where necessary.

A minimum of five years' continuous sobriety is required. All applicants should have an understanding of Service and Structure Handbooks, the AA Traditions and Concepts.

Helen S, Trustee