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Health Sub-committee

Health Sub-committee Vacancies

We currently have a vacancy on the Health Sub-committee for applicants with a minimum of five years sobriety. The term of the appointment is four years.

Preferable requirements
Good communication and organisational skills 
An ability to work independently and in a team  
An ability to produce and deliver digital, written and verbal reports 
Proven experience of interaction with, and / or delivering presentations to Healthcare Professionals

Additional requirements
Proven experience at Intergroup and / or Region as a Health Liaison Officer
A thorough understanding and enthusiasm for the Health Discipline
Availability to attend Health related Conferences and events, if required
Prior attendance at AA's annual Conference as a Regional Delegate

Health Sub-committee Role requirements 
  • To have a working knowledge of the AA structure and to adhere to the Traditions, Concepts and guidance contained in the AA Service and Structure Handbooks
  • To work within the Terms of Reference for the Health Sub Committee (These are available in the Health Discipline area of the AA website)  
  • To acquire a thorough understanding of the working relationship between the Health Subcommittee  and the General Service Board
  • To build and maintain supportive relationships with at least two allocated Regions
  • To be mindful of the Traditions, particularly Traditions Six, Eight, Ten and Eleven when interacting with professionals or attending conferences or events. To maintain communication with conference and event organisers, to ensure that requirements for equipment are met and Health and Safety legislation is adhered to
  • To liaise with GSO when ordering literature and equipment for professional conferences and events 
  • To attend four Health Sub-committee meetings in York each year, giving prior notice to the Trustee of the Health Sub committee if unable to attend
Closing date for applications is 25th April 2020 

Terri S, Trustee 

You can download a form here. It may be returned to the postal or email address on the main vacancies page.