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Health Sub-committee Vacancies

Rotation has created the opportunity for two new members to join this dedicated team and if you fulfil the qualifying criteria and are enthusiastic and experienced in the health or a complimentary discipline we would love to hear from you, so please apply.

It is suggested that you meet the following criteria

  • A minimum of five years continuous sobriety at the date of application
  • A working knowledge of the 12 Steps, Traditions & Concepts and the AAGB service structure and guidelines and Conference approved material.
  • Proven experience at Intergroup and / or Region preferably as a Health Liaison Officer or a complimentary discipline. Or working experience in the health service together with Intergroup/Region experience
  • The availability to serve on the Subcommittee for four years
  • The availability to attend four meetings each year including attendance at York and on virtual meetings  

Our primary role is 

  • To implement health initiatives as directed by the General Service Board on the recommendation of Conference and to understand the relationship between the General Service Board and the Health Subcommittee
  • To provide support to Regional and Intergroup Health Liaison Officers by providing   information, advice and resources.  
  • To create and encourage open communication channels with Regional and Intergroup Health Liaison Officers, including virtual and live meetings and seminars if appropriate.
  • To establish and maintain relationships at National level with health professionals and professional bodies.
  • To carry the message and increase awareness of Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Step programme to all health- related environments as appropriate

The full list of Roles & Responsibilities can be found on the AAGB Website on the Health discipline Page.  However, if you have any questions about the specific responsibilities of service on the Health Subcommittee of the General Service Board, please email the Health Trustee, details below, who will be only too pleased to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

Nomination  forms are available from Jenny Pryke at GSO, PO Box 1, 10 Toft Green, York, YO1 7NJ; 01904 644 026 Jenny.pryke@gsogb.org.uk;  or in the Document Library (“Forms”) of the AAGB website www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk
The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary or a currently serving Liaison Officer of the sponsoring region or intergroup must endorse the application by way of a covering letter.

Barbara O GSB Trustee for Health trustee.midlandsregion@gsogb.org.uk    

You can download a form from here. It may be returned to the postal or email address on the main vacancies page.