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75th Anniversary Sub Committee

75th Anniversary of AA in GreatBritain Convention 

75th Anniversary of AA in Great Britain Convention 

At Conference 2016 the General Service Board (GSB) was tasked by Conference to oversee the organization of a single celebratory convention in 2022 to mark the 75th year of Alcoholics Anonymous in Great Britain.

The remit was that the GSB appoints a convention committee, formed from the Regions, as soon as possible, paying special attention to the following:

1.     Finance (aim to be self-supporting)

2.     Location

3.     Lessons learnt from the 50th Anniversary celebrations

To meet these aims and criteria GSB would like to form a working sub-committee comprising of six delegates taken from nominations and endorsements from AA GB Regions. Interviewed, appointed and approved through GSB as per all other sub-committees. The sub-committee members will serve for the whole term until after the event, without rotation (six years), only being replaced if someone leaves for whatever reason.    

The sub-committee will be chaired by the Vice Chair of GSB (rotational). The Hon. Treasurer of GSB (rotational) will also serve on the committee.

As a Conference approved project sub-committee of the GSB, all decisions and budgets will require full GSB approval.

Meetings to be held in GSO, York to compile a Terms of Reference for the event. Carry out a feasibility study, investigate location venues and plan a way to take this project forward.

What we need now?

  • The nominations from Regions to appoint sub-committee as soon as possible using the existing sub-committee application forms 
  • Ideas and recommendations of venues for the event, being mindful it is a Great Britain National event
  • Ideally we would have this committee in place to carry out an initial meeting before the end of 2016.

The vacancies for this position has now closed. Please check back from time to time to see if any future vacancies might arise.  

In Fellowship,

(GSB Vice-Chair) 

You can download a form here. It may be returned to the postal or email address on the main vacancies page.