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Resources for Employment

1. Introduction

The aim of this section of the website is twofold:

  • To ensure that Employment Liaison Officers are aware of the existing material at GSO to help them carry out their role
  • To ask ELOs to add items to the document library that they found helpful in carrying out their role so that the Employment community can see a full picture of resources that can help them. 

2. Resources available at GSO

i.    A starter pack for Employment Officers has been created and is available to download from the Document Library, Items covered include: 

  • Employment Guidelines 2018
  • Generic Letters
  • Hints and suggestions for letter writing
  • Literature for employment

ii.   Publications

Within the "For Professionals" section is the following leaflet:

AA as a resource for Employers

and in the "Literature for PI" section is the following leaflet:

Message to Professionals

The leaflet "When Drink Stops Working" is 'free' literature. It may be downloaded here. or ordered from the shop, but only on the order form.

Starter Pack

A number of leaflets are available for distribution to potentail newcomers to AA. Together they are called a Starter Pack, which can be ordered from our Shop. Individually, they can be read in the links below:

Most of the pamphlets that are in the starter pack have been made available online too. You can download them from the links below and read them at you leisure. These are in pdf format which most computers can open.



3. Resources available in the Employment Document Library

      i. Further generic letters to employers

      ii. Non Alcoholic Trustee letters about their experience of  AA . 

Helping One Another

We would like ELOs to send to the Employment Sub Committee examples of letters, presentations you have made that have been well received so that we can add to the document library and make it a resource that is rich in content for the employment community to access.

Examples of  how to do effective presentations and man an industry stand are on the site.