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Manning a stand

Service at an AA stand at an Exhibition

Arrived early to set up.GSO in York can provided you with AA literature and help source an AA Stand.

Try to keep  the stand manned throughout the day.

Have some sort of form available for enquirers.

All enquires should be passed on to the relevant Intergroup/Region to deal with.

It is generally found there to be a genuine interest in the service AA offers as a Resource to the Employers and the opportunity to meet and talk with members of AA is greatly appreciated.

Practical tips: - The AA banner is great to have on display.  Bring with you some blu tak/pins etc. to stick up posters. Clipboards (at least two) with an attendance sheet to record information and plenty of pencils and biros. Sometimes a bowl of sweets on the table can be an excellent ice-breaker.

Service at an Employment stand at an AA Convention

Some resources that are of help manning a AA Convention Employment Stand:

A copy of Service and Structure Handbooks

 Hello ELO's back and current issues

 Example letters to Clients

 Examples of AA Literature used by Employment

A selection of recommended reading:-

 'Speaking at Non-AA Meetings'

 'A Members Eye View of Alcoholics Anonymous'

 'How AA Members Cooperate With Professionals'

 'Understanding Anonymity'

 'A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous'.

Also it is helpful to display additional leaflets, cards and posters including a copy of the Big Book open at Chapter 10 'To Employers'.