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Region Minutes


Alcoholics Anonymous 

Wales & Borders Region 

Minutes for the 155th  Regional Assembly 

8th September  2019

  1. Welcome & Readings:

a) Preamble ‚??  Stuart B

b) Concepts ‚?? Adam W

c) Traditions ‚?? Zelma K

d) Aims ‚?? Graham S

1a) Introductions Around Room

       2)   Present: Stuart B  - Chair; Jonathan P - GSB Trustee; Hywel P - Vice-Chair; Terry B ‚?? Secretary/Conference Delegate/WNC Secretary; Barry P ‚?? Treasurer; Graham S ‚?? Telephones/Conference Delegate; Vikki C ‚?? Share/Alternate Delegate; Zelma K ‚?? Conference Delegate; Roger E ‚?? North West Wales Rep/Conference Delegate; Eric D ‚?? Alternate Delegate; Gary E ‚?? ECLO; Adam W ‚?? Health/Conference Delegate; Norman E ‚?? South East Wales Rep; Stuart D ‚?? WNC Chair Elect; Alyson J ‚?? WNC Treasurer;

Apologies: Neil W ‚?? West Wales Rep; John M ‚?? Archivist/Conference Delegate; Janette P ‚?? Swansea & District Rep/Alternate Delegate; Tom E ‚?? Prisons; Ralph A ‚?? South Glamorgan Rep; Ian P ‚?? Welsh Borders Rep;

       3)  Previous Minutes:

              a) Accuracy: Proposed ‚?? Graham S,  Seconded ‚?? Zelma K

              b) Matters Arising: Zelma forgot to send her Conference report in so requested that it be attached to these minutes as an attachment, this was agreed. 

       4)  Reports:

             a) Chair ‚?? Stuart B:

Prior to Stuart presenting his report Stuart D and Alyson J gave their resumes and were voted in as Welsh National Convention Chair Elect and Treasurer respectively. 

Regional Chair Meeting York 2019

I attended the Regional Chair Meeting in York on the 14-15th June, it was very interesting, enjoyable, and informative and there was a wonderful sense of fellowship and sharing.  Much was covered and the full minutes are available if necessary, I simply wish to present some of the highlights:

Most of the Regions are working well, but a minority have problems.  One region could only send four Conference Delegates and has no Trustee. 

Many regions now recommend all executive, regional RLO, IG reports and regional representative reports be submitted at least a week before assembly so that all attending can study them in advance and there is no need to read them loud at the assembly.  Any relevant points can be discussed on the day. This frees up a lot for time for other topics and discussion.  

There was wide discussion on the role and voting rights of Trustees at regional assemblies.

Many regions have an AGM and a conscience meeting.

Many regions are adopting internet banking ‚?? Barclays seems to be the most popular, most agreed that two signatories was insufficient and ideally there should be four.

Many regions hold pre-conference delegate meetings and delegates and alternates must attend.

Regional Liaison Officers are there to Liaise with IG officers, not to simply be workhorses. Difficulties arise if there are vacant posts.

Most Regions are paying 35 Pence per mile for expenses but one is paying 48 Pence.

There was wide ranging discussion on the role and purpose of Regions, it was pointed out repeatedly that Regions exist to pass on information and to assist and serve IG‚??s.

South Midland Region has produced started packs for all posts ‚?? intended for new post holders or for those considering taking up a post.  I have passed this document onto our secretary so that Wales and Borders Region could adapt them if this is desirable.

London North Region has produced a short Information leaflet of their experience of using card readers at Group Meetings to collect tradition 7 monies.  Again this has been passed to our secretary.

Financially, at present, Region should encourage IG to spend on primary purpose work e.g. bus posters, local radio etc.

All present at the meeting approved a motion that the board of AA UK should consider production of a short video on the structure of AA, the secretary will compose and send off their request.

Stuart raised the question as to whether it is illegal not to provide Poster‚??s in Welsh as well as English. Jonathan will raise this at Board level. The question was raised as to whether Region should request that all Poster‚??s be bilingual. Jonathan will bring all Poster‚??s to the next Regional Meeting. It was suggested that Literature be linked to Share at Region with Vikki overseeing both. This was agreed. It was agreed to form a sub-committee at Region to deal with this. Vikki, Alyson, Gary and Hywel agreed as sub-committee. 

It was agreed that the History of AA in Wales be attached to the minutes. 

Stuart raised the point of Tom E arranging someone to attend the Prison Seminar on his behalf. It was agreed that anyone wishing someone to cover them in meetings at York should seek approval from Region first. 

             b) Vice-Chair ‚?? Hywel P:

No Report

             c) GSB Trustee ‚?? Jonathan P:

General Service Board ReportSeptember 2019

The next Board meeting is on the 20th September 2019

AA Service News


  • Winter - Oct 25th

Forums (up to 3 per year, GSB/GSO presentations, not more than once every 3 years per Region)



1 Sept

Wales & Borders


the Metropole
Hotel Llandrindod Wells.

Hon Tres

Brian J



Norman B




7 Dec

Matt S.




Peter F








7 June

South Midlands




20 June




Pat McG








Eastern Secretary.east@aamail.org

Community Centre Baldock SG7 6DH


  • Hoping to have a National Telephone seminar in 2020, depending on finance.

Public Announcements

  • Inside Time (Prison Paper), StreetWise Magazine (aimed at 20-40-year old‚??s), Community Care Guide (Communities), 50 Plus Magazine (over 50‚??s), National Students Guide, The Student Advertiser, Student Rag Mag, BMJ (British Medical Journal), RPOAS (Retired Police Officers Association) Magazine, UCan2 Magazine, PosAbility Magazine (Disability), ABLE Magazine (Disability), Civvy Street Magazine (Forces), PR Magazine (Police Resettlement), Pathfinder Magazine (Forces), Quest Magazine (Forces)


  • 19 Exhibitions have been booked in 2019, majority now completed.

             d) Secretary ‚?? Terry B:

I emailed all seven Intergroup Secretary's after the last Regional meeting to offer the invite of Conference Delegates to their respective Intergroups to inform the group of the outcome of this year‚??s Conference. Shropshire Intergroup Secretary was the only one to respond to the email and said that they would forward it on their Intergroup members. There have been no requests to date. 

I emailed the Forum Flyer to everyone on the mailing list after the Regional Assembly Meeting and again during August. The Chair of South Glamorgan Intergroup also announced it at the Penarth summer open meeting. 

Despite numerous emails to Intergroup Secretary‚??s regarding the subject of keeping the Confidential Directory up to date by officers completing the Registration forms and returning them to York, some Intergroup are very out of date. The subject of AA email addresses is constantly being raised to. Terry to email Intergroup Secretary‚??s again about this. 

             e) Treasurer ‚?? Barry P:

¬£32.05 7th Tradition today. 

Treasurers Report to Region 8th September 2019 


Regional Donation to York 

Donations since 2 June 2019 

West Wales IG   


¬£1000   will be banked on 9th Sept 19 



¬£  500   will be banked on 9th Sept 19 

Swansea & District IG  


¬£1983   banked on June 2 2019  


Bank closing balance September 7 19   ¬£6041.43 

Proposed amount to send to York    ¬£3041.43 

Leaving a prudent reserve of            ¬£3000 

Anyone who would like their expenses paid via BAC‚??s instead of with a cheque will need to give me their bank account details. 

If you would like to make a payment to the Barclays Community Account the details are, 

Wales and Borders 

AC    23812820 

Sort Code 20 08 64 


Barry P,  


Wales and Borders Region  







Wales and Borders Region


Bank Account


Bank Statement at Qtr. beginning 


Balance brought forward:

£ 12,093.61


South Glamorgan

¬£    1,000.00


South East Wales

Swansea & District

¬£    1,498.18

West Wales

¬£    1,900.00

North West Wales

¬£       750.00

Welsh Borders

Chair's expenses repaid

From Nat West to Barclays

Other Expenses Repaid


¬£          29.50




Contribution to GSO


Methodist Insurance Premium

¬£    2,703.50

Conference Delegates Fees/expenses (York)

BT Phone Bill

¬£       137.01

Metropole Room Hire

¬£       485.40

Inbound Services

Chair  (exps)

¬£       236.60

Vice Chair (exps)

¬£          44.80

Treasurer (exps)

¬£          62.00

Secretary (exps)

¬£       513.62

PILO (exps )

TLO (exps)

¬£       373.89

Armed Ser LO (exps)

RECLO (exps)

Prison LO (exps)

Health Liaison (exps)

Archivist  (exps)

¬£       265.00

Conference delegates travel to regi

o ¬£       175.00

Delegate's travel exps to York

PI float and literature

Workshop expenses

Other expenses - see book

¬£       559.10

Convention Chair (Exp)

¬£          51.80

Convention Treasurer (Exp)

Gratitude Week (Direct to GSO)


¬£    5,607.72

Balance carried forward

£ 11,663.57

carried forward



a) Second Quarter Financial Report Jan to Mar 2019



All figures are given as of the 31 March 2019  

  • Group & Intergroup contributions ¬£130,855 a decrease of:- ¬£37,779 from 2018. 

  • Personal contributions (legacies):- ¬£2,736. 

  • Group & Intergroup gratitude week contributions:- ¬£2,511. 

  • Gift aid and Covenant contributions:- ¬£2,570. 

  • Conventions contributions:- ¬£2,062.‚ģ?Interest on investments :- ¬£421. 

  • Income from Conferences:- ¬£1,320. 

  • Income from publications:- ¬£143,102. 

Total Income for the 2nd Quarter was ¬£285,577 

Giving a Total Deficit for the 2nd Quarter 2019 of:- ¬£105,594 







A random selection of Expenditures, primarily dealing with Primary Purpose Work. 

  • Cost of publications:- ¬£55,573. 

  • Meetings & Travel:- ¬£60,189. 

  • Telephone charges:- ¬£5,852. 

  • Free Literature:- ¬£1,367. 

  • AA Service News:- ¬£18,732. 

  • Attending Professional Conferences:- ¬£5.921. 

  • Share & Roundabout expenses:- ¬£6,777. 

  • PI Video Project:- ¬£15,000. 

  • Website Development:- ¬£11,844 

Total Expenditure for the 2nd Quarter was ¬£391,172 




Total Income for the year to date is ¬£615,389 a decrease of ¬£114,094on 2018. 

Total Expenditure for the year to date is ¬£789,881 an increase of ¬£129,528 on 2018. 

The 2nd Financial Quarter 2019 has a deficit of:- ¬£105,594. 

Explanation of Deficit. 

An indeterminable amount of the 2nd quarters deficit is due to the extensive administration work carried out by the management accountant during this period. 

These deficits were highlighted during the fraud investigation work of 2018 and recommended for change during the discussions between the Charities Management Accountant and representatives of HPH the Charities new accountants. 

In the past many of the expenses may have been entered under incorrect cost centres or split between various cost centres.  This has lead to items being mis-accounted for in the correct financial quarters. 

These deficiencies were highlighted in the annual financial report as ‚??minor adjustments‚?? but on closer examination it has become clear that from the start of the financial year the postage costs had not been allocated to the correct cost centres for Roundabout, Share and the AA Service News. All postage cost‚??s had been allocated to the York Postage cost centre, thus explaining the increase of around ¬£8k on last years figures. 

The Management Accountant has now correctly allocated the costings of around ¬£13k into their correct cost centres. 

Also as can be seen in the report details contributions are down for this quarter by ¬£37,779. 

Not withstanding the statements above the Charity is still stable financially.   

This would not be possible if GSO did not have the reserves to support the implementation of the projects entrusted to us by the conscience of the Fellowship 

A big thank you to the Fellowship for your contributions and continued support. 

 Brian J 

Hon. Treasurer

5) Officers Reports:

Health ‚?? Adam W 

I have offered my services to the South Glamorgan HLO in terms of practical assistance. Nothing to report from HLOs more widely. I have floated the idea of a WhatsApp group for HLOs and PI across Wales and had one positive response that it would help with service malaise. I agree but it might be a good discussion for us to have at Region. Nothing else to report. 

Adam W

Jonathan to check data protection law on What‚??s App Groups. 

Prisons ‚?? Tom E 

Usk Prison

All going well 4-6 prisoners attending meetings

Berwyn Prison

Stuart and team doing a good job up there. Average 10 to a meeting.

Swansea prison is running well.  There is a group of between 5 - 8 attending at the moment. I have AA members coming into the prison to share their Experience, Strength and Hope.

One ex offender who has been in touch with his Prison Postal Sponsor is back home in Cheshire and attending meetings. I have also met with two men at on of my home groups. It is not often I get to see or hear of ex prisoners attending meetings so three in three weeks shows that the message is being carried.

I am unable to attend the regional meeting due to family commitments.


Terry informed Region that Meetings will recommence in Cardiff Prison in October and that the Prison Postal Scheme is desperately short of numbers. 

Archives ‚?? John M

Regional Archivist Report - September 8th 2019 


Following this Region‚??s decision to support the proposal to invest in an Archive display unit, the item was duly purchased and used to good effect at the recent Welsh National Convention in June. 




The 75th Anniversary Working Group charged to produce a commemorative publication for events in 2022 has recently contacted all Archivists, Chairs and Secretaries, sharing the ‚??Regional History‚?Ě of Wales and Borders together with Scotia as templates to provide guidance for the other 14 Regions:  


‚??As part of these celebrations we are producing a commemorative publication,‚?? charting the history of our Regions in this amazing journey. To enable this to come to fruition, we are asking for your help in identifying and producing your Regions history. Please see the attached Regional histories which were recently produced as templates to provide some guidance in this process.‚?Ě 


Employment ‚?? Vacant

Share ‚?? Vikki C

Wales and Borders Region meeting 08/09/2019

Share Officer‚??s Report.

There is not a huge amount to report, but there is definitely work to be done to promote sales of, and interest, in Share.

I have a list from GSO of the numbers of Shares sold in the region and although groups in some areas like Swansea and Shrewsbury subscribe several copies of the magazine each month, other areas do not subscribe as much or at all. 

Furthermore, I have been to some meetings local to me that don‚??t subscribe to Share to be told there either isn‚??t any interest in it or that members buy it from groups who do subscribe.

I was also disappointed by the response to the Share stand at the Welsh National Convention in June where we made just over £5 in profit on sales of the magazine ordered for the occasion.

Response to an introductory email I sent to the Intergroups listed in the confidential directory was also disappointing. Although, I have been invited to an Anglesey Intergroup meeting to give a presentation on Share in November. Whilst I‚??d love to visit Anglesey, I‚??m not sure November would be the best time to drive there from Penarth.

As such, I wonder what Region‚??s thoughts are on holding a Share workshop on the same day as a Region meeting, in a room at the Metropole, in the first half of next year? Provided, of course, that we can get enough interest. 

I have asked my friend from North Wales to canvas opinion locally and I will do the same throughout the rest of the Region. I can bring those figures to the next Region meeting.

In Fellowship,


Terry will request that a Share Workshop be part of next year‚??s Welsh National Convention. 

Telephones ‚?? Graham S


As always a big thank you to everyone involved in the Telephone service, this really is a team effort. Again we managed to maintain 100% cover over our shifts. Bills have remained at approx. ¬£50 / month and I have claimed  ¬£11.54 postage expenses for this quarter. 

Thanks to a Herculean effort by our Intergroup TLO‚??s we continue to have all shifts covered with regular responders and 19 relief responders who fill in any gaps when required. So from a responder point of view we are in good shape.

We still need TLO‚??s for Swansea and district, although I believe someone is interested. Welsh Borders don‚??t have a TLO but their 12th stepper list is kept up to date via their Intergroup.

I attended the RTLO‚??s meeting in York this August. The experience overall was very good. Renewing old acquaintances and making new ones. This time the issues of Safeguarding and data protection reared their heads. Quite clearly for the telephone service to operate there needs to be a lot of personal information held. I do this as safely as possible using the aamail email account. However we do send out a lot of personal information in the 12th stepper list and Rota. At the moment we have around 350 12th steppers, which sounds a lot but bearing in mind we have 179 groups in Wales and Borders is barely 2 12th steppers per group. Chapter 10.3 of the service handbook clearly states that it is the groups responsibility to support the telephone service by doing the 12th step work and keeping the 12th stepper list up to date. With the help of the IG TLO‚??s I am addressing the issue of 12th stepper recruitment and keeping in line with the GDPR. This will be an ongoing project and will need cooperation from the groups. I have drafted a form that I will send to each IG TLO and get the ball rolling. 

When it comes to recruitment it was also pointed out that some degree of scrutiny needs to be in place to make sure that volunteers are suitable. An incident of a predatory male abusing his position within the telephone service in another Region ended up with Police action. I am waiting for the official guidance that the GSB are working on, but in the mean time will continue to rely on Intergroup TLO‚??s to continue their good work and a common sense approach to making sure that volunteers are suitable.

Over the last few days we have had an issue with a prolific nuisance caller who has been particularly unpleasant when talking to female responders. I have given them some advice and spoken to Jonathon, the NTSC and the Police. I have also managed to have a word with the individual himself who clearly needs more help than we can give. Hopefully he will stop. His number has been blocked from our helpline but he often withholds his number so his calls are still coming through.

NTSC stats for last quarter are attached. I have not had a full return but Stats collected from responders for this quarter so far are as follows:

A = 12th step calls                                       107            

B = 12th step calls from outside Wales and Borders 80

C = Al anon family and friends                       32                               

D = Enquiries from members, meetings etc. 79               

E -= Other I.E. Enquiries from outside agencies 33   

Total                                                                             331

Graham S   RTLO Wales and Borders.

Public Information ‚?? Vacant

Probation ‚?? Vacant

Armed Services ‚?? Vacant

Young Persons ‚?? Vacant

Electronic Communications ‚?? Gary E 

Gary attended the ECLO meeting at York in August, report as follows:

Flyers/Posters for vacant service positions

Convention to use PayPal to sell tickets

File storage: all users and passwords deleted due to policy but

Email forwarding will stop in near future

Chat now very successful after being moved to main page service.


QR Codes suggested for newcomer meeting list and keep stats bit.do

Website photography needed: webmaster@aamail.org

Gary asked if the Region Insurance Certificate could go on our website and it was agreed, Terry to send it to Gary. 

            6)  Intergroup Reports:

South Glamorgan ‚?? Ralph

Telephone Liaison (Mark)

Nothing major to report since last Intergroup. We have had a recruitment drive and did a little ‚??workshop‚?? in my house which has brought in a few more recruits. The rota is full and is ticking over nicely. RTLO was away for a couple of weeks which gave me an opportunity to see how it all works, a valuable experience. Other than that I think it‚??s all going well. 

YIF, Mark

Literature and Share Liaison (Vikki)


At the last Intergroup I was considering increasing our monthly because sales seemed better. As sales of the 8 magazine is usually 100%, and we are still not selling the 3 CDs, I think it would be sensible to order 10 magazines and 1 CD, as this will not affect our subscription cost. I will continue to monitor the situation.Literature 

Literature is, as usual, selling well, and I have just placed a fresh order. I think the new leaflet rack is very helpful as it allows the leaflets to be clearly seen and they also stay in better condition. Once again, I welcome any request for any leaflet or book from the list that we don‚??t currently have and orders of specific books for any meeting that uses an AA book as part of the meeting. For example, one group has started using the Living Sober book, so more have been ordered for that meeting.

Each time I place an order for literature, I scan in the order form for our records and send a copy to Treasurer Richard.  

Sobriety chips 

Sobriety chips were bought this month to replenish the supply. A receipt came with them and it was put in the safe for Richard.

In fellowship, Vikki

Public Information Liaison (Mark)

I have received a leads from Region for HMRC ( Debt management Department) and a Street football Organisation which I have followed up with a call and Email , still awaiting a response from them.

I have arranged to speak to the manager of the Pine Ward to discuss possible AA involvement with patients receiving treatment for Alcohol misuse.

Mark H

Electronic Communications Report (Jon)

I continue to maintain the email distribution list for intergroup (we currently have 59 members on the list, and announce at meetings on an ad-hoc basis the existence of this list, requesting anyone interested to speak with myself to get added.

If anyone believes they should be on this list but are not receiving emails then please see me as there have been some issues with them being received in the junk email box due to the fact that people are 'blind-copied' in.

As always, I would also like to remind people that 'Tradition 11 - Our public relations policy is based upon attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films.' also applies to social media, therefore we should not declare ourselves AA members on Facebook/Twitter etc. 

South East Wales ‚?? Norman

SEWIG are struggling for numbers on Intergroup. They are focusing on PI and making progress with speaking to GP Clusters. There are 70 Clusters in Wales and SEWIG have spoken to four so far. Steady progress with positive results. 

Shropshire ‚?? Helen G

No Report

Swansea & District ‚?? Jeanette P

126th Meeting of Swansea and District Intergroup 19th August 2019

Report to Region 

1.Welcome and Readings

2.Attendance ‚?? 10 Officers and GSRs and 3 observers

3.Apologies ‚?? 7

4. Minutes of last meeting - approved

5. Matters Arising

Out of date meeting lists in circulation. Defunct Port Talbot meetings now removed from ‚??Where to Find‚??

6.Chairperson‚??s Report ‚?? Nothing to report

7.Group Reports & News - brief summaries given by GSRs from 10 groups. 1 written report received. Common theme: the difficulty in appointing GSRs and to other service posts. Two meetings are struggling to keep going due to lack of numbers attending.  

8.Secretary‚??s Report ‚?? Regional minutes received, able to email on should anyone wish to see them.PI service news Received electronically. The forwarding of E mails on AA accounts has changed due to GDPR. Regional Forum:  neither Lynne nor Paula able to go, apologies given. A newcomer in Rehab contacted us via Secretary‚??s address ‚?? uncertain how this was obtained..

9.Public Information Liaison Officer's Report ‚?? no one in post 

10.Telephone Liaison Officer's Report  - no one in post

11.Armed Services Liaison Officer's Report: - no one in post

12. Prison Liaison Officer's Report: No report

13. Electronic Communications Officer's Report: Updates to microsite made. Stats for number of site hits will be made available asap. Would like to stand down due to other commitments but will continue (if possible) until a replacement found.

14.Probation Officer's Report: - Hugh D reported that he has made contact with the last PLO and confirmed contact names. Continuing to raise the profile of the PLO and has been able to guide some ex offenders to the Fellowship.

 15.Employment Liaison Officer's Report: - no one in post

16.Health Liaison Officer's Report: - no one in post

17.Archivist's Report: Has gone through approximately 2/3 of ‚??inherited‚?? archives. Ill health  and treatment will limit work on this over the next few months.

18.Treasurer's Report:  Carol was not able to attend. The meeting agreed that monies collected would be passed to her and an amount to send to Region would be agreed by Carol, John M ‚?? Chair and Paula G ‚?? Secretary.

19.Share Liaison Officer's Report: no one in post

20.Feedback from Region: No report

21.Any other business ‚??

Intergroup Service Workshop 2020 ‚?? The meeting agreed that the subcommittee can buy flyers before the next meeting .

22.Election of Officers

1. Vice Chair  - Carol nominated and elected by unanimous vote

2. Employment Liaison Officer - no nominations 

4. Telephone Liaison Officer - no nominations. 

5. Armed Services Liaison Officer - no nominations 

6. Share Liaison Office ‚?? no nominations

7. Young People's Liaison Officer - no nominations but one attendee expressed an interest.

8. Public Liaison Office ‚?? no nominations

24. Date of Next Meeting  - 7pm on Tuesday 5th November 2019 and will be held at Seventh Day Adventist Church, 55 Gower Rd, Sketty, Swansea, SA2 9BH

The meeting ended with the Serenity Prayer.

West Wales ‚?? Neil W

West Wales Intergroup. Minutes of the 158th Meeting

St Dogmaels Village Hall. 3rd August 2019 at 11 am.

7 Present with 5 apologies.

The meeting was openedby John F who welcomed everyone and observed a few moments silence. Neil   then read the Preamble and the Traditions.

The minutes of the 153rd meeting: Hywel noted there was no Archivist‚??s report which he had sent in. Neil said that no report had been received. The minutes were then accepted as a true record (proposed by Hywel P seconded by Ceri M).  Matters arising: None.

Secretary‚??s Report: Neil noted the coming AA Service Forum (Sunday 1st September, Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells.) He also noted that Groups should be aware of the invitation to professionals in the community who would benefit from attending a presentation by AA at The National Assembly, Cardiff on Tuesday 12th November 2019 (11:00 ‚?? 14:00). Places are for professionals outside the AA community (and not AA members themselves). 

Details can be sought from sophie.wright@gsogb.org.uk.

PI Reports:P.I. North ‚?? nothing received.PI South ‚?? nothing received.

Group News: Reports were received from the following Groups: Carmarthen (Mon), Fishguard (Sun & Tue), Newcastle Emlyn, Aberaeron, Cardigan, Tenby/Narberth and Cross Hands. These reports are available on request. No other reports were received. 

Treasurer‚??s Report: Dudley noted that some payments had been made directly to the bank and, together with those cash & cheque payments made and expenses paid at the meeting, the balance held was ¬£1888.50 of which ¬£376.98 was for Gratitude Week, which would be paid directly to GSO. This left us with ¬£1511.52 and less expenses of ¬£305, we have ¬£1206.52. It was agreed that we should make a donation to West Wales Region in the sum of ¬£1000.

Region Rep‚??s Report: Neil‚??s reported on the Region Committee‚??s meeting of 2nd June 2019. 

Intergroup Officer‚??s Reports:Archivist ‚?? Hywel P. Report available on request. 

TLO ‚?? Judy F. Report available on request.

Vacant positions: Share/Roundabout Liaison. Literature Sec. Health Liaison. Employment Liaison. & Electronic Communication Liaison.

Aberystwyth Convention: Taking place on 14th September 2019. Nothing to report.

A.O.B. A new Group is starting at Sarnau (in the Hall on the main road). Meeting on Tuesday mornings from 12:00 till 13:00.

Date of Next Meeting: Saturday 2nd November 2019 at 10:30 for 11am in the above venue.

     Tradition 7 was observed and the meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.

North West Wales ‚?? Roger E           

Nine in attendance and four apologies 

Minutes of previous meeting accepted. 

Alice circulated new meeting on a Friday in Transfwyndd. 

Share rep from region would like to attend meeting and Lynda is in contact. 

PI It is employment contact in our area that is lacking. 

Prisons Gary gave extensive report regarding probation and prison visiting and also the need for volunteers and if more info needed to contact Gary. 

TLO we have one regular and one reserve responders, more people are using internet. 

Region reported that there was a service workshop Sept 1st. 

Health reported that new meeting Gwynedd hospital was going well and possibility of it being held in chapel soon as will be more private. 

Group reports were healthy and only one needed more support, less than half the groups sent reps which was disappointing, it was also asked that our groups hold conscience meeting about chit system. 

Chris has taken over as treasurer and thanks to Kelvin was offered. 

It was agreed too have a further Radio slot over Christmas period even though it was hard to ascertain the value of this. 

Welsh Borders ‚?? Ian P

No Report 

      7)  Welsh Action Committee 

Alcoholics ANONYMOUS



Report to Regional Assembly September 8th 2019

The event will take place at the ‚??The Pierhead‚?Ě, Welsh Assembly Campus Cardiff.

Tuesday 12th November 11:00 - 14:00

John and Judy F will look after the literature on the day. Stuart B is taking care of the catering and will also be one of the greeters, along with Judy F, Zelma K and Terry B.

Jonathan P will chair the event. The sponsoring AM is Caroline Jones UKIP.

Jonathan will give an overview of AA and how it works with other organizations. 

Andrew one of our new NAT‚??s will give a talk on what it is like for a non-alcoholic to be part of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We have two new AA speakers this year who will share their ‚??experience, strength and hope‚?Ě

‚??Bethan W‚?Ě and ‚??Joanna W‚?Ě.

The presentation will end with a Q&A session and a buffet.

Sophie Perring at GSO will send out invitations to those who they have contact details for. Mark Major will send out invitations to all at the Welsh Assembly, this will be repeated at the end of the summer recess.

I had this feedback from Sophie, when asked about registrations,

‚??In my experience most of the registrations come from more personal invites. The way the committee at Westminster do it is for each committee member to take a discipline, e.g. health, prisons, and come up with a list of invites which they then contact‚?Ě.

To help with this the invitations letters will be attached to the minutes of this regional assembly. If you know of anyone who would benefit from attending this presentation please forward the invitation letter to them. 

They are in Welsh and English.

So far there are 3 registrations booked

Barry P


Wales and Borders Region      

In addition to this I (Terry) have emailed all sixty Assembly Members inviting them to attend the event and mentioning the disappointing turn out by them during the past two years. I have had some responses already so hopefully we‚??ll get a better turn out this time. One Assembly Member has suggested changing the time of the event. 

This is Barry‚??s last year as Convenor for this event, Terry said he was interested in taking over and was proposed by Graham and seconded by Alyson. 

8)  Welsh National Convention 

The 2020 Welsh National Convention will take place on the weekend of 5/7th June. This is the first weekend in June and the Regional Assembly Meeting would normally take place on that weekend. We should consider moving the Regional Assembly Meeting to the following Sunday, 14th June 2020.

Diane has stood down as Convention Chair. A new Chair,Stuart, has been voted in but, as I understand it, he has to attend two Regional Meetings first.

The 2019 Convention was once again asuccess with 171 people registering. Planning has already started for the 2020 Convention.

Terry (Secretary WNC)     

Diane is now staying as Chair and Stuart will shadow her and take over next year. 

The Convention Committee has ¬£4525.86 in the account, it costs approximately ¬£2000 to pay for the Convention so it was asked that the Committee consider sending some of the money to York. Terry to raise at next Convention meeting. 

 9)  Conference 2020:

17th ‚?? 19th April 2020 (A week later than normal due to Easter being on second weekend of April)

      10) Conference/Alternate Delegates 2020

a) Graham S ‚?? 3rd Year

b) Adam W ‚?? 1st Year

c) Roger E ‚?? 2nd Year

d) John M ‚?? 3rd Year

e) Zelma K ‚?? 3rd Year

f) Terry B  - 1st Year

We are one Alternate Delegate short: Gary proposed by Adam, seconded by Graham 

  1. Janette P

  2. Ian P

  3. Vikki C

  4. Eric D

  5. Diane C

  6. Gary E

      11) Regional Service Post Vacancies:

Employment, Public Information, Probation, Armed Services, Young Persons, 

      12) Any Other Business:

Forum: The Forum took place on Sunday 1st September and 26 people in total attended. It went very well and I have received positive feedback from some of those who attended. I emailed Ranjan, Sharon, Sophie, Brian & Norman to thank them on behalf of the Region for attending and putting the Forum on for us. 

AA GB 75th Anniversary 

Norman said that Gwalia Housing had requested training for twelve step programme. Jonathan explained that we don‚??t do that. Norman will do a PI talk to them. Norman also asked for confirmation as to who pays expenses for a prison meeting not in the SEWIG area, Parc In Bridgend. The PLO is from the SEWIG intergroup area. Zelma suggested that whichever Intergroup paid the expenses it was all AA money. 

Zelma said that there is to be an AA stand at a mental health day in Swansea prison and Roger would like to attend. Request to pay his expenses for this. Proposed by Terry, Seconded by Graham. 

      13) Date of Next Meeting: 1st December 2019

Meeting closed with Serenity Prayer.