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Conference 2019

Our Conference Delegates will be meeting on Wednesday 16th January 2019 after which each intergroup will be offered a visit by one two delegates for a pre conference briefing.

Further information can be found in our Document Library (Members> Document Library)
in the Conference Reports and Background folder

Please aware that you can submit any feedback on Conference questions via your group GSR or email to conference.ls@aamail.org

Also, please use this email to request any visits to your group from conference delegates.

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click here to learn how to submit a question for conference

Click here for the background to the questions to be discussed by GSRs 1000-1400 31 March 2019, here for the General Service Annual Process Maphere for a description of the role and function of conference and here to submit a question for conference

1. Inventory question: would the Fellowship share its experience and make recommendations with regards to the young people's liaison officer service position, in particular: 

a. recent integration into our service structure 

b. getting more younger members into AA and involved in service generally 

c. relations with Young People in AA Conventions  

2. Would the Fellowship consider reverting back to the name General Service Representative as intended by Bill W and as described in the Concepts?

3. Would the Fellowship review our current 'public image' as portrayed by our literature, with respect to our primary purpose, and identify any areas for improvement and make recommendations?

4. Would the Fellowship review the AA GB pamphlet 'Now that you've stopped: 15 Points' against our Twelve Step recovery programme and if any inconsistencies are found consider revising or withdrawing it from publication?

5. Will the Fellowship discuss the use of digital voting equipment during Conference?

6. Would the Fellowship share its experience and make recommendations as to updating existing literature in order to raise further awareness for internet safety and security when using social media, apps and other forms of electronic communications.

7. Would the Fellowship consider having a young people's national convention?

8. Would the Fellowship consider and make recommendations on the common practice at Intergroup, Region and other service committee meetings to collect Tradition 7 contributions and how it affects the 'power of the purse'?

9. Would the Fellowship: 

a) share experience on how our Twelve Concepts for Service are currently being practiced at the group, intergroup, and region levels 

b) provide useful examples of the Concepts as applied in practice at the group

c) Recommend ways to further apply the Concepts throughout our Fellowship

10. Would the Fellowship discuss the feasibility of publishing a special edition of the Big Book with the original text but with British members' stories at the back?

11. Would the Fellowship consider making the AA Meeting Finder available in app form?

12. In order to help AA carry the message to the greatest number of Fellowship members, would Conference consider extending the remit of ECSC to allow the use of external links enabling those in service to download items such as the new Conference-approved videos?

13. Would the Fellowship share experience and make recommendations on how individual groups could include within its Group Conscience a strategy to deal with safeguarding issues should they arise?

14. Would the Fellowship consider that all posters and videos put to Conference be looked at on an individual basis i.e. voting on each poster and or video separately. And that all posters and or videos are circulated and made more accessible to the Fellowship through the service structure.

15. Review changes to The AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain on the following pages:

Page 79: Treasurer
Page 82: Group Money
Page 90: Intergroup Money
Page 95: Region Money