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AA Wales Online Meetings


We are seeing the rapid emergence of online AA meetings to replace physical meetings. This section is for consolidating online meetings in the Wales  area in one place as an easy reference.

If you want to join a meeting you will need to download the relevant software (basic versions are free) to the device of your choice and click on the relevant link below to join. See below for meeting etiquette. You can join meetings from a browser without downloading software or opening an account but the function is limited. You can also join Zoom meetings with a phone call - see below.

If you start a Skype, Zoom (or other similar) teleconferencing group please send me a description, the link and the Host contact details and I'll publish it here. My contact details ecomm.wb@aamail.org  

GSO has issued some brief general guidelines regarding good practice and anonymity for setting up and publishing details of online meetings. They can be found HERE

ZOOM NEW! A new guide for Hosts setting up Zoom can be found HERE. It contains information on all the Zoom settings you need to achieve the best experience for participants and the various trade-offs of function over anonymity / security. There are practical tips on etiquette and on running the meeting. This is a MUST READ. 

We do not endorse any of these products, they all have their relative merits and limitations. Those that have a paid-for licence generally have better controls over anonymity and meeting management. 

Complete list of wales online meeting please click link below