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Role of Regional Representative

Regional Representatives and alternates should be elected by their intergroup as carefully as Group Service Representatives. They should be chosen as a general rule from amongst serving GSRs but any member, who has the necessary qualifications, even if not at the time serving as a GSR, may be elected. Such a representative will attend all intergroup meetings to report from  the region and to hear from the intergroup their wishes to be expressed at the next regional meeting.


  • It is suggested that at least three years' continuous sobriety are necessary since it is hardly possible for a person to gain enough intergroup and group service in less time than that, to be of real use to the region
  • They should have a good working knowledge of the following AA publications: Alcoholics Anonymous, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, AA Comes of Age, the latest edition of The AA Structure and Service Handbooks for Great Britain, The AA Service Manual
  • They should have good knowledge of the structure of AA
  • The Regional Representative would, in the interest of continuity, serve for three years, after which he or she must retire and cannot be re-elected for at least one year
  • It is suggested that three Representatives per intergroup be elected to the region since this would give proper continuity