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Intergroup News and Dates

Jersey Intergroup Meets Monthly
On the 2nd Monday of the Month unless otherwise advised

                     Date and Time of Next Meeting Monday May 14th  at St Paul's Centre 7pm                                                                            

All interested members are very welcome as well as GSR's (Group Service Representatives)

Present Intergroup Vacancies:-

Employment Liaison Officer( 2 Years Sobriety)
Share Roundabout Officer ( 2 Years Sobriety)
Public Information ( 3 Years Sobriety)
Young People's Liaison Officer ( 2 Years Sobriety)

If you are interested in any of the above please attend the next Intergroup Meeting.


The Next Meeting of Jersey Intergroup P.I 

PI/Conference or any other AA Service will then meet when requested
on the first Monday of the Month 

please contact pi.jsyintergroup@gmail.com if you can attend or help

This Meeting is not just for P.I. Committee members. All  AA members are welcome

 It is recommended that the committee include  Intergroup Liaison Officers and that is the case with our Jersey Intergroup P.I. Committee.

 The Meetings are informal with no Minutes taken but with group conscience decisions taken over how we proceed with P.I. Activity.  

All welcome.  Agenda and proposed additions to the agenda can be sent to and from pi.jsyintergroup@gmail.com   

link to National PI;



The Next Telephone Liaison Meeting  to be held
St Paul's Centre


 Telephone Liaison 

A "Telephone Duty Taster Meeting" was held on Monday the 16th January at St Paul's . 


We tried to expel any myths about difficulties of this service and explain the massive benefit to each individual and to the Fellowship in Jersey. Even those with mobile phone only can participate providing they are willing to be at home during the "Duty Time", not roaming around.


All of us who have been a part of the "Telephones" are asked to encourage new participants and also promoting the idea at group meetings. We need new blood in the service so please, please participate.