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Wiltshire Intergroup News

  • Introduction:
    Wiltshire Intergroup met at Corsham on Sunday 25th February 2018
    There was a gratifyingly large attendance; this meant that the voice of more Groups could be heard.  Keep it up! 
  • Questions for Conference 
    Any Group (or indeed individual) wishing to add to the list of comments should submit them to secretary.wiltshire@aamail.orgby Saturday 17th March.
    They will be collated and forwarded to Region to inform discussions by Conference Delegates.
  • New Appointment: Charlie K is now Wiltshire Intergroup Archivist
  • File Storage: WtFs, Intergroup Minutes and Officer Reports will now be held at http://www.aa-files.org.uk  GSRs please contact JonB  for User ID and password at ecomm.wiltshire@aamail.org
  • Forthcoming Events.
  • A new team is looking to organise the 2018 Moonraker Convention. More details will be available at the next Intergroup meeting. Anyone wanting to be involved, please contact convention.wiltshire@aamail.org
  • The West Dorset Intergroup mini convention will be held in Dorchester on Saturday, 17th March.  Details available from convention.wiltshire@aamail.org
  • The Somerset Intergroup Keys of the Kingdom will be held in Taunton on Sunday, 22nd April.  Details from convention@somersetaa.org
  • Intergroup Officer Vacancies:
    The following vacancies exist, and Groups are asked to seek volunteers now to fill them, with nominations to be made at the next Intergroup in June 2018:
    Secretary, Regional Representative, Treasurer, Schools Liaison Officer, Employment Liaison Officer, Health Liaison Officer
    (Details for most of these can be found in the AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 2017, pages 88-90.)

    Other Opportunities for Service:
    Many opportunities exist for service outside of 'recognised' Intergroup posts; these should be also put to your Group:
    o Telephone responders & 12th Steppers for the Telephone Service.
       These are always needed. Details of suitable volunteers should be sent directly to the TLO at telephones.wiltshire@aamail.org
        Volunteers must have 12 continuous months sobriety and be sponsored by their Group
    o West Wilts Schools Coordinator. Please contact pi.wiltshire@aamail.org.
    o Speakers at Schools events.
  • Regional Officer Vacancies:
    Secretary, Armed Services LO , Archivist
  • Next Wiltshire Intergroup is on Sunday 3rd June 2018 at Corsham (14:00)
    GSRs are urged to bring an observer along so that a better understanding of Intergroup may develop.
    Sponsors may wish to encourage their sponsees to be observers.

Wiltshire Intergroup Secretary: Ken M, secretary.wiltshire@aamail.org