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Recent Minutes

West Kent Intergroup

Minutes of the 178th Assembly

Date: Friday 17th April 2020

Venue: Held on Zoom

I have tried to record all persons present and where possible I have shown the meeting that you are GSR for. As there was not an attendance sheet for signing I did not have this to refer to.

At the start of the Meeting Barbara mentioned that the assembly would be recorded. This did not happen. Although Darren activated the ‚??Record Facility‚?Ě neither of us pressed the record button. Therefore my notes were not as full as I would have wished.



Steering Committe


Barbara K


Phil S


Lynden S


Nick D




Jeni M.


Sarah M


Kate F

Maidstone Wednesday

Tamsin B

Maidstone Thursday

Craig L

Maidstone Saturday

Jenny T




Mark H

Snodland Zoom Saturday 9.30am

Helen A

Tonbridge Monday Lunchtime

Steve R

Tonbridge Wednesday Evening

Jo S

Tonbridge Sunday morning

Jon P

Tunbridge Wells Monday

Emma C

Tunbridge Wells Thursday Evening

Danny M

Tunbridge Wells Friday

Lucia M

Tunbridge Wells Friday Ladies

Imogen I

Tunbridge Wells Saturday

Cliff S

Tunbridge Wells Sunday

Unallocated GSRs or Visitors

Charles Richard
Gary B
Laura S

Liaison Officers


Helen A


Sarah M

Convention Convenor

Tony M

Employment Liaison Officer

Gina S

Prison Liaison Officer

Barbara K

Share & Literature Liaison Officer

Michael W

Telephone Liaison Officer

Sean W

Regional Representative

Ryan F

Regional Representative

Fiona G

Regional Representative


Shirley S
Mark H
Dermot G
Alex T

Meeting Open

Barbara K, Chair, opened the meeting and made her opening remarks

A moments silence was observed to remember the still suffering alcoholic.

The Preamble was read by Steve

The Traditions were read by Kate F

The Aims and Structures were read by Tamsin B


Steve T



Matters arising from the previous Assembly

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the previous assembly. It was decided to put having someone to propose and second these as being a true record, till we have a physical meeting.

Election of Officers

There were no volunteers or nominations for the following positions:

Armed Services Liaison Officer

Health Liaison Officer

Young Peoples Liaison Officer

***** GSRs Please announce these positions to your groups on a regular basis *****

How are Groups Managing Tradition 7?

There was then a discussion around Tradition 7, the importance of funds getting to Intergroup as the Phone Service needs to be maintained. Lynden said that it would not be practical for individuals to make bank payments for their personal donation and neither would it be practical. Cliff S, mentioned that the Tunbridge Wells meetings had got together and were sending contributions direct to GSO's bank account. Darren F who is the GSR for the new Rainham Road to Recovery meeting said that he had an old account and people from this group were paying into this, then he was able to make a single transfer to Intergroup.

GSR's Forum on Questions Already Submitted

Irene M asked ‚??Does West Kent Intergroup have enough in the prudent reserve to cover Telephone Service?

Lynden said that in his report, he would mention that we have £7,000 and he would be making a suggestion to the assembly that we withhold our contribution of £1,500. The other two Intergroups were up to date with their contributions for the telephone service. A vote then took place on suspending the payment to Region. This was carried with 31 votes in favour.

Jeni M and Kate F had both submitted similar questions although worded slightly differently. The 1st question was: Could the mini convention still take place but on Zoom or a similar platform. They were aware of other conventions that had gone ahead using Zoom as a platform.

Darren F. was already aware of this question and had established the costs on Zoom. To have a facility for 500 users it would be a one off payment of £40. To have the facility for up to 1,000 users the one off fee would be £72.

There was a lot of discussion and the end result was for the possibility to be researched and Sarah M (Convention Convenor) with her committee to look at the best way for this to progress. The mini convention takes place before the next intergroup assembly and a vote was taken with 36 votes in favour of exploring getting the mini convention on line for June.

The second question was to have the Zoom ID Codes on the where to find. This has already been completed and the link has been circulated to all GSRs and Liaison Officers.

Chair's Report for WKIG

Firstly I would like to say thank you all you tech savvy guys who have helped us less tech savvy lot with Zoom.

I have been guided to www.alcoholic-anonymous.co.uk

Click on the Fellowship Magazines, scroll down to Share Magazine and click on "Find out more". If you scroll down the page, you will find articles included in every edition of Share as recent as this March and as far back as March 2019. Maybe GSRs could direct members to the above website.

There is also an article on "Coronavirus News" on the Members page. There is also a guide for Safety in Zoom meetings, Suggestions of how to manage Tradition 7 contributions.

On a personal note I am going into hospital on Friday 24th April for a Cancer operation, but would like to assure you all I will continue my service at meetings as well as with my Intergroup responsibilities, including my new position as Share LO.

Finally Thank you all for your service in the Fellowship, and look forward to seeing you all in July or at meetings

Barbara K

Chair WKIG

Vice Chair's Report

I have been getting all of the documentation on line so, that it can be sent to new GSRs electronically.

Treasurer's Report

The last bank statement received was date to 15th March 2020, we had a balance of £7,067.11 in available funds. I would like to propose to the group not making any contribution to region.

The laptop purchased for the treasurer to use has broken and we are currently unable to take it to be repaired, all relevant information regarding contributions etc are on the laptop and I hope this can be retrieved at some point.

Due to the current lockdown I would suggest we keep all monies available in the account until we receive a current statement to ensure we do not leave ourselves financially exposed.

The most recent Telephone bill for the AA helpline was received and paid on 06.04.2020, this will allow us to continue with the assistance of the telephone responders to help those who call.

Unallocated contributions are as follows:-


The group treasurers have been excellent at keeping us up to date regarding payments being made.

We were told by the bank we could not have an internet banking facility as there was no system in place to ensure that all payments were approved by 2 signatories, therefore we will have to continue with paper statements and cheques.

All that remains is for me to ask Group Treasurers to continue the good work of letting us know which group their contributions are from and to keep them informed of any changes in contact details.

Group contributions should be made to ‚??West Kent Intergroup‚?Ě

Lynden S.

Bank Account Details

Honeysuckle House

West Kent Intergroup

Merryboys Road

ACC: 81135724

Cliffe Woods

Sort : 40-31-06





Mobile: 07528655428


Email: treasurer.westkent@aamail.org


Secretary's Report

It has been a reasonably quiet time, there have been numerous emails none of which had anything that was too difficult to resolve. Hopefully with having a recording of tonight's meeting on Zoom, I should be able to provide detailed minutes.


Mark H informed us of an online meeting on Zoom which will remain on line once we return to physical meetings. The meeting will take place on a Saturday, commencing on the 18th April 2020 and will be from 9.30am ‚?? 10.30am. The meeting ID is 822 5705 1309. There is currently no password.

Darren F said that he was willing to assist groups with training on Zoom.

Fiona G reminded us that it is West Kent Intergroup's responsibility to provide people for the tea and coffee duties. The next Region Assembly is on Sunday 28th June.


OFFICER - Armed Services Liason Officer
REQUIREMENTS FOR SERVICE - An established period of sobriety, ideally not less than 3 years; a willingness to commit to 3 years' service. Nominees should be prepared to attend all intergroup meetings. They are also required to attend the twice-yearly SE Regional Workshops in January and September. Regular reporting to both intergroup and Regional ASLO is essential.
LENGTH OF SERVICE - Not less than 2 years, but not more than 3
SERVICE REQUIREMENTS - The ASLO is responsible for establishing local links with the Royal Navy, the Army, the Royal Airforce and any other organisation that is connected with the Armed Services. Experience with the Armed Forces is an advantage but not essential. They should have a good working knowledge of The AA Service Handbook for GB. They should be polite, well presented and punctual. A familiarity with the local area is an advantage (See P31-34 of The AA Service Handbook for GB 2018 for more details).

REQUIREMENTS FOR SERVICE - Should have an established period of sobriety, ideally not less than 2 years; a willingness to commit to 3 years' service. Nominees should be prepared to attend all intergroup meetings. They are also required to attend the twice-yearly SE Regional Workshops in January and September.
LENGTH OF SERVICE - Not less than 2 years but not more than 3
ADDITIONAL SERVICE REQUIREMENTS - Needs a good working knowledge of the Traditions; a familiarity with the local area is advantageous; should be familiar with the AA Service & Structure Handbooks for GB; good organisational skills; ideally be IT literate, courteous and punctual; be able to co-ordinate the working of the Telephone Service as recommended in The AA Service Handbook for GB; Ensure that telephone responders have up-to-date 12 Step Lists; regular reporting to both intergroup and regional LO

REQUIREMENTS FOR SERVICE - Someone who came into AA at the age of 30 or younger and so will have an experience of getting sober at a young age. Should have ideally at least 2 years continuous sobriety when elected; should serve a maximum of 3 years; Nominees should be prepared to attend all intergroup meetings. They are also required to attend the twice-yearly SE Regional Workshops in January and September. Should send a copy of their reports to the Regional YPLO
LENGTH OF SERVICE - Should have a willingness to commit to a maximum of 3 years' service
ADDITIONAL SERVICE REQUIREMENTS - Should have a good working knowledge of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions & The AA Service & Structure Handbooks for GB; confident; ability to deal with teachers and other professionals and to talk about AA when asked; well-presented, courteous and punctual. Will work closely with other service officers, particularly the PI Officer (See P73 -74 of The AA Service Handbook for GB 2018 for more details)