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GSRs‚?? AIDE-MEMOIRE ‚?? April 2022


The Aide-Memoire is sent out ahead of the minutes to enable GSRs to give early feedback to their groups, It also allows maximum time to consult with groups on anything that requires their feedback at the next intergroup assembly and very importantly, to announce intergroup vacancies regularly, between assemblies.


1.    Intergroup Officer Vacancies

Please announce the following intergroup officer vacancies:


Convention Convenor ‚?? Anyone interested in becoming the next West Kent Convention Convenor, this is an ideal time to shadow the current Convenor, Sarah M, in the lead up to and during, the next local Mini Convention on Saturday 4th June 2022, at Aylesford Community Centre.  Please contact Sarah directly for more information


Share/Literature Liaison Officer ‚?? General information on Intergroup Officers can be found in the AA Structure Handbook for GB on pages 88/89.  Interested members can also contact the SE Regional Share/Literature LO to find out more about this role


Armed Services Liaison Officer ‚?? See the AA Service Handbook for GB, Chapter 2, AA and the Armed Services, page 31 for information about this service position


Please contact Shirley S, Intergroup Secretary secretary.westkent@aamail.org or Tony M, Chair for further details or nominations


2.    12th Step Lists

There is a serious problem in the intergroup, regarding the upkeep of the 12th Step Lists.   Please read out to your groups, the attached report from the Intergroup‚??s 12th Step List Co-Ordinator, John M, in which he stresses that the AA Helpline Telephone Responders depend utterly, upon groups to keep their lists updated.  GSRs will shortly receive the current list of members on their particular group‚??s list which can be used as a starting point for them to check who in their group is currently on the list, confirm whether they are happy to remain on the list, whether there are some people who need removing and to ask who else wishes to be added to it.  This is vital 12th Step work for which we are all responsible, to carry the message to the still-suffering alcoholic ‚?? these lists and their upkeep are vital 12-Step tools ‚?? GSRs are requested to please give this their urgent attention!


3.    Darkness into Light Exhibition

This is an exhibition celebrating 75 years of AA in GB ‚?? a journey through history of alcoholism, to the formation of AA and the services it provides today.  It is to be held at Maidstone Library from Monday 3rd to Friday 28th October this year. 

Hastings & Rother intergroup are hosting the DIL exhibition during September and it is the duty of each intergroup to arrange collection of the exhibition items from the previous location.  

Matt A will be taking a van down to Hastings on Saturday 1st October, to pick up the exhibition items (of which there are quite a few!) 

*   Matt A is appealing for volunteers willing to help him collect everything from Hastings and to assist with assembling the exhibition at Maidstone library


*   Matt is also seeking help to:

¬∑      drum up support for the exhibition, to get visitors through the door, targeting professionals in several fields

¬∑      meet and talk to the invited guests during the exhibition

¬∑      do other bits of service during the exhibition


*   Please contact Matt A for more details and/or offers of help on, or better still, come along to the next West Kent PI Zoom meeting on 15th May at 1.45pm:


Meeting ID: 688 874 6362

Passcode: 830 346


4.     School Talks ‚?? Anybody interested in helping with school talks, please either contact Chloe B, YPLO, or our new PI LO, Laura S



5.    West Kent Mini Convention with Al-Anon

Please come along to the next West Kent Mini Convention, ‚??Progress not Perfection,‚?? on Saturday 4th June 2022 10am-4pm, for a day of meetings & fellowship. 

Venue: Aylesford Community Centre, Forstal Road, Aylesford, Nr Maidstone ME20 7AU. 


*   Sarah would appreciate help on the day to set up the hall (putting out the chairs etc) from 8.30am onwards


Anyone wishing to help in some way is welcome to join the final committee meeting on Tuesday 10t May at 6pm:


Meeting ID: 822 5705 1309

Passcode: 1234




6.    WKIG WhatsApp group

The intergroup has a WhatsApp ‚??business only‚?Ě group.  Anyone wishing to be added to it are requested to please send your name and telephone number to Shirley S, (contact details below), who will pass your details on to Darren F, the WhatsApp Group Co-ordinator - secretary.westkent@aamail.org


7.    Meeting Changes

Please send any changes to group meetings directly to Tony M for the next printing of the local ‚??Where to Find‚?Ě (contact details above).  Please also remember to update your meeting information at GSO via the Pink Form (this can be found on the AA GB website)

8.    Intergroup Workshop Ideas


Darren F, WKIG Vice Chair, is looking to organise a series of intergroup workshops.  He is looking for suggestions/requests for any particular workshop theme. 


9.    Group Contributions


As the Treasurer is now receiving personal contributions, he is unable to list the unallocated sums.  The groups have paid the majority of the contributions directly into the WKIG account and the payment IDs have been excellent and made it far simpler to allocate to the groups.  There are 3 payments that he has been unable to allocate, which are:


¬ß  22 Jan 2022 ‚?? Mrs S Potter - ¬£70.00

¬ß  14 Mar 2022- Cambridge Peter - ¬£225.00

¬ß  6 April 2022 ‚?? Cheque in at 404728 - ¬£500.00

If anyone recognises any of the above, please contact Lynden S (contact details below)

The full Treasurer‚??s report, including the ‚??Group Contributions‚?Ě sheet will shortly be distributed with the minutes of this assembly.  Once received, please show the report to your group Treasurer so that they can confirm that intergroup has received their group‚??s contributions.  If any are missing, please let him know, including the amount sent, the date sent in, by whom, and the reference that was used. 

Please remind your Treasurer that it is imperative that they continue to ensure that the group identity is noted when making payments into the account.  If sending a cheque, please put the group‚??s name on the back.



¬∑      BACS details:

West Kent Intergroup

Account No: 81135724

Sort Code: 40-31-06

¬∑      Treasurer‚??s contact details:

Lynden S, Honeysuckle House, Merryboys Road, Cliffe Woods, Rochester ME3 7TP - treasurer.westkent@aamail.org 


10.  GSR Information Packs

New GSRs can get a GSR Information Pack on request from, Darren F, intergroup Vice Chair


11.Change to WKIG Secretary‚??s email address

I am now using an AA generic email address, so going forward, please send all intergroup correspondence, including your reports tosecretary.westkent@aamail.org

If there are any queries regarding the Aide-Memoire, please contact Shirley S, as above


√?Next full intergroup assembly: Friday 8th July 2022 on Zoom.  Meeting details will be sent out with the agenda in late June