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GSRs:  Please report the following items back to your groups and encourage members to offer their help where it has been requested - help from the Fellowship is needed - the Liaison officers can't do it on their own.  Please emphasise that our Primary Purpose is to carry the message of recovery.   


Darren F explained to the assembly that this is software for the purpose of file sharing. There are other programmes available that he felt did not meet the service provided by Drop Box. The cost for a low level business account that should be sufficient for our needs would cost £10 per month on a rolling contract or £120 for a 12 month contract. Initially there would be a steering group that would be able to post files that were suitable for Drop Box. The person then requiring access to view the document would be provided with a link via email. A vote was taken and the majority voted that the scheme be tried for a year and reviewed at the AGM.

Conference Question Regarding Tradition 7 at Intergroup

This subject was raised by Cliff S, there was discussion by those members present. This was then put forward as a proposal and was seconded. The assembly then voted and the result was 17 for and 13 against in favour of keeping Tradition 7 at Intergroup Assembly's.

Theme for 2020 mini Convention Saturday 6th June 2020

There were 5 themes suggested which were:-
A Bridge to Normal Living    6 votes
Keep the Faith    3 votes
Any Lengths    4 votes
The Steps We Took    10 votes
Progress not Perfection    8 votes

So the theme for next year's Mini Convention will be "The Steps We Took".    

Intergroup Vacancies
GSRs please report to your groups that we have now filled two more intergroup vacancies - we now have a new secretary and an Archivist.  There are now 3 vacant Liaison Officer positions:


Anyone who might be interested in the Telephone Liaison officer service can contact Dermot G, to find out more about the role and he will of course, sponsor in his successor following election.  Dermot G: Tel: 07730 937675

  • Full details of all the above service positions can be found in the AA Service Handbook for GB 2018.  

Nominations for the above vacancies are now being accepted in readiness for elections at the next intergroup assembly on Friday 22nd November.  Nominations will also be accepted on the night.  Please contact Phil S - Tel: 07939 102868

KMFM Update by Matt A

Matt showed the group two styles of 'Artwork' one of which will go into The Kent Messenger that is published for sale on Fridays. There was discussion around the 2 formats and a vote was taken on which piece to adopt. It was decided to with the Blue background version with both the local and National AA numbers being included. The publication dates would be the week in November that coincides with Alcohol Awareness Week and week commencing 6th January 2020

School Talks - Matt A is asking for people to take part in school talks.  If anyone is interested, please contact Matt - Tel: 07596115802. The dates and venues are as follows:-
Thursday 31st Skinners Grammar School, Tunbridge Wells from 10am ‚?? 11am
Tuesday 12th November and Thursday 14th November 2018 at Oakwood Grammar School
Tuesday 3rd December Skinners Grammar School.
Please contact Matt for full information

Forward Trust Talks - Matt A has been approached by Forward Trust in Sittingbourne (formerly Turning Point), They are interested in AA going in to give talks and Matt is appealing for volunteers to become involved with this ‚?? He is looking particularly at Mondays at 2pm and Wednesdays at 12-midday for about one hour.  If anyone would like to do this service please contact Matt as soon as possible. See his contact details above)

Next Intergroup Workshop - The theme for the next intergroup workshop, 'When the Bridge to Normal Living Becomes the Slippery Slope' It will be held on Friday 25th October, at the usual venue in Marsham Street, Maidstone.  The time will be 7.30pm to 9pm.  

  • Two of the proposals for a theme were only a few votes apart and because of this, the Assembly agreed to keep use the second proposal, ‚??Prison Service‚??, for the Spring 2020 WKIG Workshop.

Prison Service - If anyone is interested in doing regular prison service, please come forward so that clearance can be initiated - please contact Gins S, Prison LO - Tel: 07788 174533

AA Diaries and Calendars

Barbara has asked John G (Share and Literature Liaison Officer) to purchase 20 of each, if you are aware of people from your group requiring these please contact John on Tel: 07774741933 (Please allow a couple of weeks for the order to be delivered).

Next Intergroup Assembly: Friday 22nd November 2019