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GSRs:  Please report the following items back to your groups and encourage members to offer their help where it has been requested - help from the Fellowship is needed - the Liaison officers can't do it on their own.  Please emphasise that our Primary Purpose is to carry the message of recovery.  

Intergroup Vacancies

GSRs please report to your groups that we have now filled three more intergroup vacancies - we now have a new Telephone Liaison Officer, a 12 Step Co-ordinator and Share/Literature Liaison Officer there are now 3 vacant Liaison Officer positions:







Full details of all the above service positions can be found in the AA Service Handbook for GB 2018. 

Nominations for the above vacancies are now being accepted in readiness for elections at the next intergroup assembly on Friday 25th September 2020  Nominations will also be accepted on the night.  Please contact Phil S - Tel: 07939 102868  secretary.westkent@aamail.org

Assemblies for the Remainder of 2020 on Zoom

It was decided that the remaining Assemblies for 2020, 25th September and 20th November will be on Zoom and that a decision can be made then taking into account the Government's advice at that time.

Proposed by Baqrbara K

Seconded by Lynden S

There was a majority vote in favour of keeping the meetings om Zoom for the rest of the year. Last Assembly for 2020 2ill be on Friday 20th November.

Future Workshops on Zoom

Barbara K reminded the assembly that The Prison Service Workshop will take place on Zoom on Friday 9th October at 7pm. Meeting ID and Password will be circulated nearer to the time.

There was a lot of debate and it was agreed that future Workshops would be on Zoom and Nick D, Darren F and Mark H would try to organise workshops on Zoom between now and the end of the year.

Darren F proposed that if Intergoup approves, that he will work with Nick and to canvas GSR's for topics and dates that do not clash with Regional workshops or other items already in the diary. To run the workshops on Zoom. In September they will feed back to Intergroup to let them know how well they are doing. This was carried by a majority vote.

 Election of Officers


Tony M was nominated by Barbara K  and seconded by Phil S. There were no other nominations or volunteers, Tony was elected by a majority vote. Barbara K does not rotate out till November 2020 and would like to fulfil her service commitment. However, if for health reasons she is unable then we have a new Chair elected.

Health Liaison Officer

Kenny J was nominated by Jo S and seconded by Phil S, there were no other nominations or volunteers, Kenny J was elected by a majority vote.

There were no other nominations or volunteers for the remaining Service positions.

Any Other Business

Child Friendly Meetings.

There were various comments provided, some were personal and others were from groups via their GSR. These reports were requested by Fiona G Regional Representative and she was present so will be able to take the comments back to Region.