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GSRs: Please report the following items back to your groups and encourage members to offer their help where it has been requested - help from the Fellowship is needed - the Liaison officers can't do it on their own. Please emphasise that our Primary Purpose is to carry the message of recovery.

Ratification of Officers

The following Officers service positions were ratified and are willing to commit to a further year or till the date when they rotate out of their service position.

Tony M - Chair

Nick D - Vice Chair

Lynden S - Treasurer

Phil S - Secretary

Helen A - Archivist

Sarah M - Convention Convenor

Darren F - Electronic Communications Liaison Officer

Mark H - Employment Liaison Officer

Kenny J - Health Liaison Officer

Srah P - Probation Liaison Officer

Matt A - Public Information Liasion Officer

Ryan F - Regional Representative

Fiona G - Regional Representative

Michael W - Telephone Liaison Officer

Intergroup Vacancies

GSRs please report to your groups that we have now filled two more intergroup vacancies - we now have a new Armed Services Liaison Officer and a 3rd Regional Representative. There are now 4 vacant Liaison Officer positions:





  • Full details of all the above service positions can be found in the AA Service Handbook for GB 2018.

Nominations for the above vacancies are now being accepted in readiness for elections at the next intergroup assembly on Friday 8th January 2021. Nominations will also be accepted on the night. Please contact Phil S - Tel: 07939 102868 secretary.westkent@aamail.org

Theme for 2021 Mini Convention

Please could GSR's ask their groups for a theme for the 2021 Mini Convention? This needs to be voted on at our next  Assembly on January 8th 2021.

Dates for Next Year's Assemblies

Friday 8th January 2021 Normal Assembly

Friday 12th February 2021 Questions for Conference

Friday 16th April 2021 Normal Assembly

Friday 9th July 2021 Post Conference Question Responses

Friday 24th September 2021 Normal Assembly

Friday 19th November 2021 AGM & Conscience

Workshop for Conference Questions

The date for the Conference Questions Workshop will be on Friday 15th January 2021, the full details are on the attached flyer.

Conscience Questions

There was only the one Conscience Questions.

This was the following proposal from Shirley S.

??Do GSRs think they might find it helpful for Intergroup to hold a Conference Questions Workshop led by Delegates. The aim of the workshop would be to assist GSRs to gain a clear understanding of the Questions, prior to their having to facilitate their own group discussions??

This was seconded by Lynden S.

A vote was taken with a unanimous vote in favour of the proposal. The Workshop is scheduled to take place on Friday 15th January 2021. Full details

Telephone Liaison Officer's Proposals

The first proposal ??West Kent Intergroup requires candidates wanting to serve as Telephone Responders to be voted into post by a conscience of their home group and for the group GSR tgo inform the TLO?.

There was a unanimous vote in favour of this proposal.

The 2nd proposal was not dealt with as a number of the Assembly wanted more time than was currently available on the Agenda. This 2nd proposal will go over to the 8th January 2021, along with any points that members submit so that they can be circulated prior to the Assembly.

Next Intergroup Assembly: Friday 8th January 2021